Carlisle Fire Co Continues Community Outreach


The Carlisle Fire Company in Milford hosted their annual open house on Sunday, October 20, continuing their efforts to educate the community on fire prevention and safety. Families had the opportunity to tour the facility as well as several emergency response vehicles including firetrucks, Bowers Fire Co 40 Marine Response boat and the Delaware State Police Medical Evacuation helicopter. Every child was provided various fire prevention items from the members to take home and share with their family.

“We advocate fire prevention 365 days a year, today is just one part of our community outreach throughout the year,” commented Glenn A. Gillespie, Vice President Carlisle Fire Co. “In addition to having fun with the equipment the youngsters are given a lot of fire prevention and safety material to take home with them. It has been proven that children will push their parents about fire prevention and safety.”

Earlier this month members of Carlisle visited area schools and daycare facilities throughout Milford including The Learning Center, the Christian School, Milford Head Start and the Early Learning Center, promoting fire prevention. Fire Company members reviewed with the kids what they should do if their house is on fire while dressing in full turn out including an SCBA operating mask.

“We were able to reach over eight hundred kids from these four locations,” commented Gillespie. “Sometimes it is easier and more successful for us to take the show to them than for them to come to us.”

Glenn stated that it is very important for community children to experience firefighters in full gear in a nonemergency situation. He admits that there were several kids during the community outreach effort that were frightened of the mask. It is the fire department’s duty to introduce the outfits to those children in an attempt to show that the firefighters are people that you go towards in case of an emergency, not away from.

“There were a minority of youngsters extremely frightened of the firefighters in full turn out,” commented Glenn. “We show them this is what a firefighter looks like and that they will help them in case of a fire.” Children were also taught how to perform stop, drop and roll in addition to several fire safety and prevention techniques.