Mispillion Walks Against Bullying


Mispillion Elementary joined the national movement against bullying last week, recognizing October as Bullying Prevention Month. Throughout the day on Friday, October 18 over 700 students at the Mispillion School walked the outdoor track to symbolize their commitment to stop bullying.

Walkers received pledges from the community as friends, families and neighbors were asked to donate money according to how many times the walker lapped the track. The money raised will be given to the Parents Teachers Partnership (PTP) and used to fund assemblies, trips and activities against bullying.

“These kids are learning today that one in every four children are bullied in connection with school in some way,” commented Mike Hilligoss, Assistant Principal at Mispillion Elementary. “It is important that they learn about bullying at this age so it will impact their actions as students in middle and high school.”

During the walk students learned what bullying is, how to not be a bystander when a person is being bullied and who to tell when bullying is present. From the start of the school day to the final bell students and teachers were on the track in opposition of bullying.

“The kids see bullying all around them, if you do not teach them how to deal with it when they are young, they will not know what to do,” commented Susan Donahue, Principal of MIspillion Elementary. “We specifically teach strategies on how to help others that are be bullied.