Mispillion Elementary Raises Awareness


Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 9.43.23 AMDuring Breast Cancer Awareness month students at the Mispillion Elementary School are learning about the disease and how they can do their part to help raise awareness and funds for finding for a cure. Third grade teacher Diane Brode started a campaign for students in the school, among first to fifth graders, to collectively raise money and awareness while encouraging them to help out their fellow citizens.

To raise money Mispillion students have been selling stripes of pink paper to teachers and family members at $ .25 each since October 1. Each one of these pink stripes are connected together to form a chain and have been hanging in the school hallways to display how much each classroom has been able to raise. A competition at every grade level, the winners of each grade will win the prize of being able to wear jeans to school, instead of the khakis mandated by the school uniform policy.

“The pink chains are a very visual way for the kids to get involved and understand how they can help others,” commented Ms. Brode. “All of the money raised will be donated to fund research and development for a cure for cancer.”

Ms. Brode states that it is important to begin teaching children at a young age about cancer because so many of them already know family members or friends that have or are dealing with the disease. In addition to selling the pink stripes to connect a visual chain of support, the students are learning about what breast cancer is, how research and awareness can help those diagnosed and why it is so important to help others in need.

“This program shows the kids what giving back to others feels like and hopefully it will encourage them to help others in the years to come,” commented Brode. “They have really enjoyed this and I hope that it can help shape them to become better citizens.”

On Monday, October 28 all 700-plus students at Mispillion Elementary joined there pink links together to form one giant pink chain in support of finding a cure for breast cancer. Raising a total of $ 929.25, Ms. Brode and all the staff of Mispillion Elementary have something to be truly proud about. The winners in each grade, that get to wear jeans on Friday, are Kersey’s first grade class at $39.00, Zeveney ‘s second grade class at  $39.25, Warnock’s third grade at $50.25, Norris’s forth grade at $80.00 and Hickman’s fifth grade class at $124.50.

“I am completely overwhelmed with the participation from all the staff and students that came together and raised almost one thousand dollars for Breast Cancer Awareness,” stated Ms. Brode.

This winter, Ms. Brode plans to continue her effort with helping students help others by continuing the Mispillion Red Cross coalition. With this group students will help provide coats, gloves, hats and school supplies for other students in the Milford School District and the Milford community.