Students Inducted Into National Honor Society

Principal of Milford High School Dr. Carter with Nicole Rogers, Abigail Roxby and Nicholas Sobota, all new inductees to the 2013 National Honor Society.
Principal of Milford High School Dr. Carter with Nicole Rogers, Abigail Roxby and Nicholas Sobota, all new inductees to the 2013 National Honor Society.

By Terry Rogers

On Wednesday, November 6, thirty-five students at Milford Senior High School were inducted into the National Honor Society at a ceremony held in the school auditorium. In order for a student to be selected for National Honor Society, they must have a cumulative average of at least 85 percent, or a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale grade point average. The students are also evaluated on their service, leadership and character.

Inductees for the 2013 National Honor Society included Evan Becker, Corinne Bogan, Kayla Brennan, Elyssa Buczkowski, Jenna Campbell, Kaitlin Clauges, Elizabeth Dissinger, Mia Fabres-Parker, Timothy Frost, Kasey Fry, Jordan Gaither, Angela Gleysteen, Omar Grandado-Naranjo, Matthew Groce, Natalia Hernandez-Martinez, Desirae John, Davida Johnson, Megan Kirkpatrick, Deaven Maull, Brandon Munce, Morgan Perry, Lauren Peterman, Jordan Prouse, Dustin Reeder, Taylor Reynolds, Harley Rickards, Garrett Robbins, Christina Rogers, Nicole Rogers, Thomas Saxon, Nicholas Sobota, Ashley Spruill, Hannah Uebele, and Allison Wilkins.

The guest speaker at the ceremony Bryan Shupe, owner of Milford Live, spoke to the students about confidence. “This will be one of many occasions that you will celebrate,” Mr. Shupe said to the students being inducted and their parents who were in attendance. “I remember one lesson that I was taught many times as a young man but that would take many years for me to fully understand. That lesson is to be confident in your ability to succeed. It sounds easy enough, but as you continue through high school, college and beyond there will be times of self doubt. From my experience I say to you, at these times do not be afraid to demonstrate leadership, you will be respected for it.”

Milford School Board President, Marvin Schelhouse, also addressed those in attendance at the ceremony. “When you get to be my age, and you look back over your life, what is happening tonight will stand out as one of the most memorable of your life,” Mr. Schelhouse said. “Milford School District continues to work hard to raise the level of performance and to challenge students to the fullest potential. It is students like you who bring pride to our district and demonstrates what can be achieved when you take full advantage of the educational opportunity given to you.”

Dr. Phyllis Kohel, Superintendent of Milford School District emphasized to the students that induction into National Honor Society was a prestigious honor. “It can be life changing,” Dr. Kohel said. “Take a few minutes to reflect on what all of this means. Leadership, service, honor and scholarship are all principles to build a future. Truly great leaders are made, not born.”

Dr. David Carter, Principal of Milford High School, said he was honored and blessed to be able to congratulate the students.

“In order to lead, you must understand the properties of leadership, and when you cannot lead, you must understand how to follow,” Dr. Carter said. “You must be okay with doing the right thing even if it is not the most popular thing. Never be satisfied with good when great is on the horizon. Perform service, not because you have to, but because someone needs help. A closed hand cannot give nor can it receive. Wealth fluctuates, health deteriorates, but your reputation remains.

After the speakers, National Honor Society officers lit candles that represented the mission of the organization. Ryan Wolfe, NHS president, lit the gold candle that represented wisdom. Elizabeth Stangl, Vice-President, lit the white candle that represented character. Colby Miller, NHS Secretary, lit the red candle representing service. Katherine Richard, NHS Treasurer, lit the green candle representing leadership. Alex Frketic, NHS Parliamentarian, then led the new inductees in the National Honor Society pledge as they completed the induction ceremony.