Milford Hosts Regional Games






By Kevin Eickman

The ultimate goal for Pop Warner players is a trip to Disney World, to compete for the chance at a national championship. This year the road to Orlando goes through Milford, as second round regional games were held this past Saturday at Barney Briggs stadium. Featuring teams from three states, five games were contested.

Catching up with Henlopen Pop Warner representative Dale Webb, he was happy that the games were able to be held in Delaware. “This is a real nice facility, and the fact that it has a “Field-Turf” field is a key factory in the selection criteria.” Webb stated. The second round was a good one for Delaware teams, as squads from Delmar, Harrington and Woodbridge all advance in their respective Divisions.

Besides Delaware, the other states represented were Pennsylvania and Maryland. While coming out of state to for a Pop Warner game might seem like a chore, Webb states that it’s a labor of love. “These parents are very committed to their children, so while it may be a bit of a trip, the rewards the receive are well worth it.” he said. With over ten years in Pop Warner, Webb says that it’s a great way to spend his free time. “Working with the kids is great, they really make it worthwhile,” stated Webb. “It’s a great way to give back to the community.”

The third round games will be played at Smyrna next Saturday. With three Delaware teams looking to continue their dream of making it to Orlando.


Photo Taken By Kevin Eickman

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