Council Approves Carpenter Pit Road Contribution


Screen-Shot-2013-06-11-at-9.43.52-PMBy Terry Rogers

On Monday, November 18, Milford City Council approved a $20,000 contribution toward improvements to Carpenter Pit Road. Councilman Garrett Grier made the request for the contribution after meeting with Senator Gary Simpson and officials at DelDOT regarding problems residents and visitors face using the road.

In June, Reverend Royce Andrus, pastor of the Lighthouse Christian Center, and Jenny Bartow, Director of Operations of the Hampton Inn, came before the council requesting that the city adopt the road in order to correct the one-way situation that they said was dangerous. Ms. Bartow testified that, on a daily basis, guests unfamiliar with the area complained when they inadvertently went the wrong way on the one-way street. At the time, the council indicated that the issue was between DelDOT and Lighthouse Christian Center, who owns a parcel of land they plan to use for a residential and commercial development.

“After Reverend Andrus made his presentation, I believed this was not a city issue, and was something the developer needed to work out with the state,” Councilman Grier said. “But after meeting with Senator Simpson and DelDOT, I feel we should contribute to this project. The legislators are also contributing money to the project, and the balance will come from the state. This request is coming from our legislators who really do help our city a lot.” In June, the council asked City Solicitor, David Rutt, to look into whether the city annexed Carpenter Pit Road when the land for the development was annexed. Mr. Rutt reported that the road had not been annexed, but City Manager Richard Carmean said that the city did handle snow removal on the road.

“This will help with some of the traffic on NE Tenth Street as well,” Mr. Carmean said. “The state is also considering a service road to the overpass that is proposed in the area that could help as well.” Mr. Grier said that it was very difficult getting in and out of Carpenter Pit Road. The council voted unanimously to approve the $20,000 contribution with money from the Economic Development fund.

In other financial news, Mr. Carmean reminded the council that the waiver of Impact Fees for new construction for those who demonstrate that the construction will create jobs in the city sunsets at the end of the year. He suggested that council consider renewing this waiver as it has led to construction that increased jobs in Milford, such as the new Milford Gallery shopping center in the northern section of town. Councilman Grier said that it appeared that this waiver also encouraged people to clean up old structures, so he sees it as beneficial. Only introduced at this meeting, there was no vote on the measure and council will discuss it at a future meeting.