Local Businesses Benefit Animal Charity


Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 8.40.37 AMOver the generations dogs have snuck into our hearts and also into our family photos. Becoming part of the family, it is natural to want to feature man’s best friend as part of the family, but recently the family pet has claimed their importance by having their own Christmas photos. Now in the third year of offering pet photos, Milford businesses Little Posies Photography and Fur-Baby Boutique and Doggie Daycare have partnered to offer families Christmas and holiday cards and ornaments to send alongside the traditional family photo.

With a focus on charitable giving, the two businesses will take a percentage of the proceeds and donate to Pit Bull Pride of Delaware, an organization committed to providing loving forever homes for “pit bull type” dogs. Pit Bull Pride of Delaware was founded on April 17, 2012 in response to the growing number of homeless “pit bulls” in Delaware and the surrounding states. Dog lovers to the core, the group was heartbroken to learn just how many “pit bulls” never experience the love of a family and the comfort of a home. The goal of the organization is to help the dogs in every way possible through adoption, fostering, volunteering, promoting a positive image of “pit bull type” dogs and educating the public.

“Pit Bulls have such a bad reputation based on the way they look and I feel that dogs should be judged on their individual character,” commented Lauren Verfaillie, founder of Pit Bull Pride of Delaware Inc. “Many people have a negative image of pit bulls without having any experience with the dogs. Every dog is different just like every human is different.”

In response to public opinion about the breed many rescue groups have stopped naming unidentifiable adoptable pets as pit bulls in fear that many in the public would not want to adopt the dogs based on that title alone. Even breed specific legislation has been adopted in many American cities including Wilmington and Bridgeville in Delaware, forcing pit bull owners to keep pit bulls on a specific size lease or muzzle them in public spaces. Contrary to popular assumption that pit bulls are an aggressive breed, Verfaillie makes it her mission to educate the public that these dogs are just as loving and caring as any other dog. Since their inception, Pit Bull Pride of Delaware has saved over 225 dogs through adoption from foster homes that the organization sets into motion. Ms. Verfaillie herself has fostered over 25 dogs, all of whom have been adopted in to forever homes, since September 2011. In fact,

“I believe the opinions of pit bulls being dangerous is changing here in Delaware,” commented Verfaillie. “We have taken many dogs out of bad situations and now placed them in homes, several have even become therapy dogs. I think the stories of these individual dogs will help to change public opinion.

While looking for a charity to donate the proceeds of the Pet Holiday Photos this year, Owner of Fur-Baby Boutique Sherry Shaffer and owner of Little Posies Photography Jenn White chose to support Pit Bull Pride of Delaware because of their love of rescue animals. With six rescue animals between the two of them, they decided that education to the public about the rescue and adoption process would be their gift to the animals this season.

“I have two rescue dogs myself that I love and could not see my life without them. Our dog Hannah, who is considered a bully mix, is a great example of how lovable these animals really are,” commented Shaffer. “As a business owner of a pet boutique, but more importantly a lover of animals and rescue, I want to do as much as I can to educate the public about rescue.”

Owners of Little Posies Photography and Fur-Baby Boutique & Doggie Day Care urge people to get involved in rescue and check out Pit Bull Pride of Delaware. More information on the non-profit and how to become a rescue family can be found at http://pitbullprideofdelaware.org.