Milford Police Department Welcomes New Officers


By Terry Rogers

Four new police officers have joined the Milford Police Department over the past few months. Patrolmen Timothy Maloney, Brian O’Hern and Albert Sargent all joined the force in July 2013, while Patrolman Nigel Golding joined Milford Police Department in October 2013. According to Chief Keith Hudson, all four were certified officers when they joined Milford’s squad.

Officer Timothy Maloney, who has lived in the area all of his life, says that he has wanted to be a police officer since he was young. His uncle, Eric Maloney, retired from the Harrington Police Department. Officer Maloney was working in another police agency after graduating from Virginia Wesleyan College and the Delaware State Police Academy.

“I was not happy elsewhere, and since I grew up in this area, I decided Milford was a better fit for me,” Officer Maloney said. “My hope is to stay with Milford throughout the rest of my career.”

Officer Brian O’Hern, an Army veteran, is originally from New Jersey, also came from another department. He says he came to Milford because he heard it was a great department. Officer O’Hern served two tours of duty overseas as a multi-channel signal operator, and when he returned to Delaware, decided to enter law enforcement. He went through training at the Delaware State Police Academy, which he says was rigorous training.

“Of all the training I have had, boot camp included, the Academy training offered in Delaware was the hardest,” Officer O’Hern said. He said that becoming a police officer was something he had not thought of before he applied to the police academy, although a distant great uncle was a law enforcement officer in New Jersey.

Officer Albert Sargent came to Milford from the Milton Police Department and says that he has wanted to be an officer since he was young. He has a cousin who currently works at Milton Police Department who is the same age, but he does not know of any other family members working in law enforcement.

“Milton is not very busy, and I wanted to work where there was more activity,” Officer Sargent said. “I also saw that there was more room for advancement in Milford, so I made the switch.”

Officer Nigel Golding, the most recent addition to Milford’s police force, came from Blades, where he served under the direction of Chief Ed Cook. He graduated from the Delaware State Police Academy in July 2007 after serving in the United States Navy.

“Law enforcement was something I wanted to do as a kid,” Officer Golding explained. “I was attending Hampton University and then 9/11 happened, so I ended up joining the United States Navy. While serving, I did police work and decided to pursue what had been a childhood dream.” Officer Golding says his father-in-law is retired from the Los Angeles Police Department.

All of the officers say that the most rewarding part of their job is when they are able to help people in crisis situations. They say that interacting with the public and being out in the community is another benefit to their job.

“I find it easy to deal with the public,” said Officer O’Hern. “I want people to see that we want to go out and solve the problem, not just make an arrest. My goal is always to minimize the situation and make it better.”

Officer Maloney stating, “I love to come to work every day. When people need a police officer, it is a stressful situation, and I enjoy providing the assistance they need to make the situation less stressful.”

Officer Sargent says that he likes that he never knows what to expect each day and that he gets to interact with people he may never have met otherwise. The officers admit that not all aspects of their job are pleasant, however. All of them state that any situation where children are involved are extremely difficult.

“I am a dad, so anytime children are involved, I see my own children in the situation,” Officer Golding stated. “Children don’t know any better when a crisis arrives and sometimes adults forget that. “

Officer Maloney agreed with that assessment commenting, “It is extremely difficult when you arrive on the scene where there is a mother and father involved in a serious dispute with children present. Any time you have to call in CPS because adults cannot control themselves, it is difficult to deal with, but it is my job to be sure those children are protected at all costs.”

The four new Milford officers hope to move up in ranks at Milford Police Department and will each be visible out in the Milford community.