Gee You Will Project Need A Home

File Photo: Gee You Will's first fitting, Hanna is a AFS Exchange Student at Seaford High School and is from Norway..
File Photo: Gee You Will’s first fitting, Hanna is a AFS Exchange Student at Seaford High School and is from Norway..

In 2003 The Gee You Will Project began in the Greater Milford Area as a formalwear lending library, providing gowns to girls and women who may not otherwise attend a formal affair. Looking to continue their community outreach, helping women with self-esteem issues and creating memorable life events, the organization has been challenged early this year as they are seeking a new location to host the project.

Rosemary Joseph-Kappel, co-founder of the Gee You Will project, placed a call to action last week online asking the public to help in any way that they could. Currently in their eleventh year in the program, the project assisted close to 300 girls and women last year alone in Delaware. With an inventory of between 350 to 400 formal gowns, donated by companies with excess and gently worn donations from individuals, Gee You Will grants individuals the opportunity to borrow the gowns for events.

“As we began to develop the project in 2003, we continued to see girls that could not participate in life events because they did not have the money to do so,” commented Rosemary. “When these girls put on the dress for the first time and realize that they can participate in these memorable times they not only smile but a whole new sense of self-confidence comes over them.”

The Gee You Will Project is named after Rosemary’s late friend Gale Ullmer Will who was the inspiration behind the project. Gale’s positive attitude towards life gained her the nickname G. U. Will as she continually promoted a positive presence, encouraging friends and family to make the most of their lives.

“When you wanted to accomplish something Gale would always have a positive attitude and would tell you that you could do it,” commented Rosemary. “We wanted to pass this attitude on to others.”

After Gale passed away from Leukemia her husband donated ten gowns to Rosemary and asked that they be donated to girls in the community so that they could experience life events that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to do. Starting with those ten gowns, Rosemary quickly saw the need in the community for the project and the inventory quickly increased.

Finding a home for the past ten years, the Gee You Will project has grown not only its inventory but its affect on the community. Donations have spiked allowing the organization to purge dresses each year and stay current with fashion trends. In addition to gowns, the project also allows individuals to borrow purses and other accessories from the lending library, sometimes even helping girls to purchase tickets to events such as Homecoming or Prom.

Rosemary is asking for the public’s help, seeking a new location to store the gowns with room for girls to do their fittings. If necessary, the use of a storage unit to keep the dresses safe will suffice until they can find a new home. If individuals have information on how to help the Gee You Will project they are encouraged to call Rosemary Joseph-Kappel at 302-242-0032 or email her at

“We have had such a positive experience with this project,” commented Rosemary. “We see girls that have such a low opinion of themselves and we help them to see that they can have an experience where they can make memories that will last a lifetime.”