Second Street To Perform Agatha Christie Classic

Jan 14 2014 /

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.59.30 AMSecond Street Players is holding rehearsals for their first performance of the 2014 season at the Riverfront Theatre in downtown Milford. The company will present Agatha Christie’s classic courtroom mystery, Witness for the Prosecution on February 7 through 9 and again on February 14 through 16.

Set in Britain in the year 1952, Sir Wilfrid Robarts takes on the trial of Leonard Vole who has been arrested for the murder of his widowed acquaintance Emily French. Leonard, being the recently established sole beneficiary to Ms. French’s estate, finds himself depending on an alibi to prove his innocence. The alibi is questioned when a surprise witness, Leonard’s wife, testifies against him for the prosecution.

With a very seasoned cast, Second Street Player’s Steve Dow will be making his directorial debut on February 7 as the show opens at the Riverfront Theatre. Steve began his interest in acting four years ago when asked by a friend in Middletown to read for a part in a performance. Since then he has been very active with the Second Street Players, having some role in almost every play for the last two years.

Dow submitted the Witness for the Prosecution script to the organization’s board after he watched the 1957 film version of the play. He immediately began research and found the script to the stage version, which the Second Street Player’s performance is based on.

“I really enjoyed Agatha Christie’s characters and how her plot lines really draw you to believe something has happened when something else makes you realize you do not have it all figured out,” commented Steve. “Christie is a unique writer and it is exciting to see the growth of our cast as they desire to understand what their characters are saying and why.”

Playing the lead role of the fifteen member cast is Steve Givens who plays Sir Wilfrid Robarts, the attorney that takes on the murder trail to prove that Leonard is guilty. Involved with theatre since the age of seventeen, Givens will be acting in his second performance with the Milford based company. He finds Sir Wilfrid to be a very interesting and complicated character.

“Sir Wilfrid is a very intelligent, focused man but a little blinded by his arrogance and chauvinism towards women,” commented Givens. “I really enjoy the show, it is a murder mystery but also a well-drafted court room drama.”

Kristen Boehmer plays the part of Leonard’s wife Romaine, the surprise witness that details evidence to prove that Leonard is guilty of murdering Emily French. Performing with community theaters from across the state of Delaware for over 22 years, Boehmer was last seen in the Second Street Player’s performance of Steel Magnolias. She especially enjoys reading Agatha Christie and is excited to be playing Romaine.

“[Romaine] is very intriguing and intense, she is a classic Agatha character keeping everyone on their toes. She really throws people off as her and Sir Wilfred play a game of cat and mouse,” commented Boehmer. “This play is a little different from other Agatha Christie plays, it is poignant, but it is similar to her other works as the story reveals itself as the play goes on and then reveals a big twist at the end.”

Opening on Friday, February 7, Witness for the Prosecution will run for three days for two weekends straight at the Riverfront Theatre, 2 S. Walnut Street in downtown Milford. Friday, February 7 and Saturday, February 8 performances will be held at 8pm as the Sunday, February 9 performance will be held at 3pm. The next weekend, Friday, February 14 and Saturday, February 15 performances will be held at 8pm as the Sunday, February 16 performance will be held at 3pm. Tickets for all performances will be $17 and can be purchased online at or at the door.

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