Seniors Available For School Tax Relief

Photo of the previous Milford Middle School, Taken Carolyn Cohee.
Photo of the previous Milford Middle School, Taken Carolyn Cohee.

As a Milford School District referendum approaches, district officials are reaching out to community organizations to communicate the process of demolition of the old Milford Middle School and construction of a new facility at the same location. With March 26 just six weeks away, the district is making sure that homeowners over the age of 65 are aware of the Senior School Property Tax Relief program offered in Kent and Sussex Counties.

The Milford School District has been approved by the State of Delaware Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for $44,614,900 for the process that will include the cost of demolishing the old MMS and the building of a new 1,200 student middle school. The State of Delaware’s share of a construction project will be approximately 71%, as 29%, or $12,938,300, must come from local resources.

At the same time as the construction referendum, on a separate ballot, the Milford School District will ask the public to vote on an operational referendum which will include “continuance and maintenance of ongoing academic programs, increased energy costs associated with the operations of all district facilities and technology.”

As part of their community outreach, the district is informing homeowners age 65 and over that they are eligible for a tax credit against regular school property taxes of 50 percent, up to $500. This credit may only be used against property taxes on a primary residence and taxpayers must pay their property tax bill in full by the end of each tax year in order to qualify for this credit for the subsequent property tax year.

To receive a tax credit, homeowners 65 or older must complete an application for the credit and submit it to the county in which they reside. The amount of credit will be deducted from the property tax bill before it is mailed to the residents by the County. If the resident qualifies for the Senior School Property Tax Relief program they will not need to reapply each year.

In an effort to offer assistance in applying for this tax credit, the Milford School District Office will be open any week day from 8 am to 4 pm to help seniors fill out the on-line application. If interested, individuals may go to the Milford School District Office, at 906 Lakeview Avenue, and ask for Mrs. Edna Rust or Dr. Phyllis Kohel for assistance. Applicants will need to have their driver’s license and know their social security number, along with that of their spouse and any co-owner of your home. The district will assist in completing the application and mailing it to the correct county. In order to receive the tax credit, all applications must be received in the county office in which the applicant resides by April 30.

Milford School District is interested in speaking to any individual or organization that would like additional information about the referendum process, the projected effects to the school tax if the referendum is passed and the Senior School Property Tax Relief program. More information can be found by at the Milford School District website, ,by clicking on the subtitle “Referendum” in the upper right corner, or by calling the district office at 422-1607.