SnoYo Is Open For Business

Photo Taken by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford.
Photo Taken by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford.

By Terry Rogers

The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, February 7, for one of its newest members, SnoYo Gourmet Frozen Yogurt. The opening of their second location, the Friedhaber family was greeted to the Milford community by city officials, members of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford and local residents.

“We want to thank you for choosing Milford for your expansion, and we think this is an excellent addition to our city,” said Mayor Ronnie Rogers, who assisted in the ribbon cutting.

Marc Friedhaber’s venture into the frozen yogurt business has been a unique experience for him as he spent his career in central Virginia working as a mechanical engineer. It began when he and his wife Karen were looking for a business that their son Micheal could own and operate. The family noticed that the Sweet Frog frozen yogurt franchise began growing rapidly in their area and Michael loved the concept. Finding that there were too many competitors in the area where they lived, they began looking for a different location.

The Friedhaber’s believed that the frozen yogurt business was perfect for a beach area but were afraid it would be too seasonal in Virginia. They began investigating other locations and discovered the Villages at Five Points in Lewes, Delaware. The “perfect location” for a frozen yogurt shop, they opened the first SnoYo Frozen Yogurt on June 2012. It was a true family business, tapping into Karen’s background in accounting and financial management, Marc’s background in project management, construction and maintenance, and Michael’s background in air conditioning and refrigeration.

The Lewes location was an immediate success, as the first self-serve frozen yogurt location in Delaware. A few months after the Lewes location opened, Steve Masten, the former Economic Development Director for the city of Milford, visited the shop with his family. Marc and Michael mentioned that they were considering opening a new store, and Steve explained that Milford would be the perfect location.

“He told us that not only could Milford use this type of business, but he had the perfect location for us to open,” Marc said. “He brought us here, showed us the new shopping center and put us in contact with the LaRagione’s who own the Milford Gallery.” The Friedhaber’s partnered with Robert and Carolyn Peck to open the Milford store, tapping into Robert’s expertise in the construction business.

“We made a few changes from the Lewes store,” Marc said. “We added the wavy design to the floor pattern, which I think is interesting. We also chose a darker teal color for the walls, and we changed the design of the toppings bar to make it easier to maintain.”

Michael said that the store hopes to work with healthcare industries in town as their product is healthier than other types of frozen treats. “We also have a portable machine so that we can attend health fairs, fund raisers, even birthday parties or other events,” Michael explained. “We hope to begin adding new flavors in the next few months.”

SnoYo is a self-serve frozen yogurt shop where individuals can choose their own flavors and toppings, allowing for hundreds of possible combinations. The new business is located in the Milford Gallery, 945 North DuPont Highway, on Route 113 South.