Council Approves Impact Fee Waivers


By Terry Rogers

On Monday, March 10, Milford City Council approved waivers of impact fees for new commercial construction in the city as part of an economic development plan. In order to qualify for the fees, construction must be completed within one year and the amount of the waiver is based on the number of new jobs that will be created by the new construction.

Impact fees that are affected include water, sewer, and electric impact fees for new commercial construction only. New residential construction is not included in the ordinance. The current waiver exempts a certain number of Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDUs) depending on the number of jobs created by the company over three years. Creation of five to nine jobs exempts one EDU, and the exemption increases to five EDUs for the creation of twenty-five or more jobs over three years. In order to qualify, a business must employ five full-time employees in the City of Milford.

City Solicitor David Rutt explained that the updated policy would take effect as of March 20, 2014, and replaces a previous ordinance that expired this year.

In other city business, council members voted to extend an agreement between the city and DNREC for mosquito control. Councilman Skip Pikus asked how the city handled residents who did not want the spray in the neighborhood, and City Clerk, Terri Hudson, explained that the city still sprays the area, but notifies residents when the spraying will occur.

“We still spray, but we let them know in advance so they can leave the area,” Ms. Hudson explained. “There are other residents in the neighborhood that do want the spray, so we can’t discontinue it based on just a few people.” The spray is only to control mosquitos and does not have an effect on other insects.