Council Approves Spring Clean Up Week


By Terry Rogers

Milford City Council voted unanimously on Monday, March 10, that March 31 through April 4, 2014 be designated as “Spring Clean-Up Week.” In case of inclement weather, the program will be extended through the following week.

According to the resolution passed at the council meeting, Spring Clean-Up Week promotes “the general cleaning of the City of Milford” and improves “its overall beauty to the maximum enjoyment and benefit of all citizens and visitors.”

“They pick up everything, including furniture and bulk items?” asked Councilman Skip Pikus. City Clerk Terri Hudson explained that refrigerators must have the door and Freon removed. Councilman Owen Brooks said that tires were also not on the list of items that could be picked up. Commercial or demolition rubbish are also not picked up during the week, nor are hazardous materials such as paints, oils or insecticides.

During Spring Clean-Up Week, solid waste crews collect furniture, appliances, large items, excessive trash, yard waste and bundled limbs at no additional charge. There is no need to call the city and schedule for pickup of any bulk items during that week. Councilman Owen Brooks did suggest that if items are placed at the crub after the trucks have gone by, a call to the city is recommended.

Spring Clean-Up Week allows residents to carry out clean-up and fix-up projects which enhance, restore and maintain the beauty of properties in the city. In addition, it helps to preserve the environment by keeping it clean, healthy and in order.

For more information, call Christie Murphy at 422-6616, extension 100.