MHS Recommends Additional Student Pathways


1391487_655475781139475_987781310_nAt the annual Milford School District Career and Technical Education Advisory Meeting, school officials met with community leaders to review current programs at the Milford High School (MHS). Leaders from the business community were given the opportunity to help improve the current curriculum at MHS while making recommendations on what skills, equipment and software students should learn before graduation.

“We are looking to offer the students more options while they attend Milford High School,” stated Supervisor of Career & Technical Education Mark McDaniel . “We are meeting with the leaders in our community and businesses so they can help us shape our future programs.”

In an effort to prepare students for life after graduation, whether that be college, work or military service, school officials are developing an expansion of student services and curricula at the Milford High School. According to specific Perkins Indicators, a federal measurement based on performance factors such as testing, Milford High School Class of 2013 achieved above target marks in Academic Attainment Reading, Academic Attainment Mathematics, Technical Skill Attainment and Student Graduation Rates.

In addition to looking at where children are rating on state-wide exams and high school graduation rates, the Perkins Indicators also review students’ progress after high school to calculate whether they have enrolled in college or are working in a career in their field of study. To help meet these standards, the Pathway Committee at the Milford High School, which helps develop what focuses of study students can take, has recommended that the Milford High School Pathways be organized into the College of Business, College of Humanities and Science and Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) College.

The College of Business will still include accounting, administrative services, marketing management and Jobs for Delaware Graduates. College of Humanities will include Performing and Visual Arts and Journalism as well as Theatre Management, Music Management, Art Management and Foreign Language. The Management classes have been added to the curriculum to allow students to pursue additional careers within the each humanities track. Mr. McDaniel used the study of music as an example to explain the reasoning behind the newly recommended courses.

“How many of the students will become professional musicians,” asked McDaniel. “Maybe not many, but those students interested in music can now get involved in the sales, marketing and management of the music industry. These management courses can help students pursue multiple careers within the field of study they enjoy.”

In addition to the College of Business and the College of Humanities, the Pathway Committee is recommending the adoption of the STEM College that would offer courses including Environmental Science, Mechanical and Power Systems, Food Science Technology, Communications, Pre-Enginnering and Integrated Math and Science.

The three newly created pathways have been recommended by the Pathway Committee to the Milford School Board of Education. The Board should hear the matter on Monday, March 24 during their monthly meeting. If the recommendation is passed, Mr. McDaniel expects to see the new education pathways a part of the Milford High School in three to four years time.