Crosswalk Celebrates Meaning Of Easter

Pastor Isaacs of Calvary Methodist Church carrying the cross on Goof Friday.
Pastor Isaacs of Calvary Methodist Church carrying the cross on Goof Friday.

On Good Friday members from Milford’s faith-based community joined together to hold the third annual Crosswalk to celebrate the Easter holiday. Starting at the Milford Church of Nazarene, participants took turns literally carrying an 8 foot cross through the streets of Milford to their destination at Calvary United Methodist Church.

The Crosswalk signified the path that Jesus Christ walked from the time of his condemnation to his execution. At seven intervals during the walk members of the crosswalk stopped, prayed and reflected on the stations of the cross.

“Today is good Friday and we want to remind the community what Easter is all about, commented Milford Church of the Nazarene Pastor Art Roxby. “It is the holiest of days. It is about the death of Jesus Christ and his resurrection.”

Organizer Cyle Hostedler is happy to see the event continue after three years and excited to see it grow every year moving forward. “For many of our children Easter has simply become an occasion celebrated with chocolate and easter bunnies,” commented Hostedler. “The crosswalk allows us to remember the true meaning behind Easter and exactly what we are celebrating.”

As the crosswalk reached its destination at Calvary United Methodist Church, the group stopped to pray and thanked the individuals involved. Walking over 3 miles, the assembled group hoped to symbolize the sacrifice given to mankind by Jesus Christ on Good Friday.