Summer Seasonal Beer Tasting Party

Mispillion River Brewery Owner Eric Williams.
Mispillion River Brewery Owner Eric Williams.

Abbott’s Grill will present the 1st annual Pick Our Summer Seasonal Beer Tasting Party taking place on June 7, from 1 to 5pm at Mispillion River Brewing on 255 Mullett Run Street in Milford. Kevin Reading and Laura Burton, owners of both Abbott’s Milford and Laurel Delaware locations, are excited to bring Pick Our Summer Seasonal Beer Tasting Party to Milford for the first time. This event will be followed up by a Tap the keg Summer Solstice Party held June 21 on the patio at Abbott’s Grill in Milford.

The Pick Our Summer Seasonal Beer Tasting Party Is the brain child of Abbott’s Grill General Manager Johnny Walker. “I think it is great that our town has a craft brewery. I am excited to taste the beers they have brewed just for us,” commented Walker. “Meghan and Eric, owners of Mispillion River Brewing Company have such a passion for great beer, just like me.”

The June 7 event will be held at the Mispillion River Brewery. “Our chefs will be cooking up fun foods that compliment beer,” says Reading. Guests will be asked to taste the brews and vote for the one they think best represents Abbott’s Grill. “So get out and Rock The Vote.” added Reading.

“We are looking forward to hosting the Abbott’s crew here on June 7th.” remarks Mispillion River Brewing owner Eric Williams. Delaware natives, Eric and his wife and business partner Meghan came to Milford a few years ago. When asked why they chose Milford, Meghan commented, “She and Eric wanted to raise their family in a community they felt they could be a part of.” They both felt there was a rebirth going on and Milford was ready for a local brewery. Meghan’s dad, a home brew enthusiast, gifted Eric a home brew kit.

“It sat for years gathering dust,” quipped Meghan. “Then one day Eric dusted it off and the rest is history. It is so important to both of us to create a high quality product and thanks to our brew master, Jared, we do just that.”

The June 21 Tap the Keg Summer Solstice Party is an opening patio party where Mispillion River will reveal the winning brew that is to become Abbott’s Grill’s summer seasonal. The event will be held from 4-8pm on the patio of the Milford location. Both Milford businesses are encouraging Milford residents, visitors and newcomers alike to hang out with the brewers, enjoy live music and eat food off the grill.
“My family and I are so looking forward to both of these events” stated Abbott’s Grill regular and Milford native Jay Bailey. “It is just awesome to have a local brewery in our town.” Jay, an Abbott’s Grill Mug Club alumni, says he always enjoys the community events sponsored by Abbott’s Grill. “Owners Kevin Reading and Laura Burton are so involved with our town, they really care about Milford and I think that is great.”