Milford Police, Carlisle Fire Rescue Ducklings


2By Glenn Gillespie

On Friday, June 20, 2014: At approximately 11:29pm., Carlisle Fire Co was alerted to assist Milford Police Department with an unknown animal emergency in front of 941 North DuPont Blvd. Captain Billy Caiola responded and determined that eight ducklings were trapped in the storm drain and rescue equipment would be needed to safely extricate the animals. Rescue 42 responded with FF John Eisenbrey IV and was advised to bring forcible entry tools to the storm drain to begin extrication. Upon the crew’s removal of the storm drain, Milford Police entered the drain and safely removed five 5 of the ducklings. Moments later, the remaining three 3 ducklings came back out of the drainage pipe and all eight 8 ducklings were rescued and returned to the Mama Duck. Scene was placed under control around 1200hrs.