MHS, CIS Promote Involvement Of Fathers


3On Wednesday, September 10 Milford High School and Communities In School partnered in celebrating National Dads Take Your Kids To School Day. Fathers of Milford High School students were met with breakfast and information on how to be involved with their daughters’ and sons’ educational career.

Dr. David Carter, Principal of the Milford High School, greeted family member and stressed the important role that fathers play in the social and academic lives of children. “It takes more than just teachers, parents and administration to make sure our students are successful, it takes building a coalition between them and opening the lines of communication.”

As a continued partner in the Milford Central Academy and the Milford High School, Communities In School (CIS) was available to speak with parents and their students at the event on how to strengthen that communication. Over the last three years, CIS has been dedicated to empowering students to stay in school and achieve in life. Developing a partnership with the Milford School District to build and support a Communities In Schools Model of integrated student services and increased parent and community engagement, CSI has helped to transition Milford Central Academy students into Milford High School and on to graduation.

“We want to actively include fathers in the school experience of their children,” stated Keenon Mann, Director of Communities In Schools in Milford. “Many students do not see how their father can play an active role in their school day and events like this allow both the parent and student to visualize that happening.”

CIS coordinators support statistics from the National Fatherhood Initiative that show that when fathers and men are regularly and substantially involved in the education and social development of children, those children have higher standardized test scores, higher grade point averages, higher attendance rates and higher high school graduation rates. The same statistics show that those children have lower cases of suspension, expulsion and arrest as well as fewer incidents of violent behavior and are less likely to use drugs, alcohol or engage in premature sex.

Maurice Daniels Jr., who is a father of seven, joined his son Maurice Daniels III at the event and was grateful that the Milford High School and Communities In Schools are focusing attention on father involvement in the education system. “I have always been a proponent of being active in the lives of your children and it has to start at home,” commented Daniels. “I have always felt that as father we are leaders and your children will look up to you first. If you do not provide leadership, they will go outside the home to find it. Programs like these, we should all be a part of.”

Noticing that an active, continued presence is necessary for success, CIS is currently developing a family resource center that can assist families in identifying community resources including prevention and intervention services for at-risk students, both academically and socially. Many of these resources are aimed at school-aged children but involve their life at home and after graduation. Individuals interested in attending other CIS programs or to find out more information about the organization are encouraged to contact Program Director Kennon Man at or Site Director Jennifer Bostic at