Historical Haunts Tours Milford

Paranormal activity caught on camera during an investigation on Fort Delaware.
Paranormal activity caught on camera during an investigation on Fort Delaware.

On Saturday, October 4 Delmarva Historical Haunts will be hosting an evening at three locations in Milford, sharing evidence from their past paranormal investigations at local venues and featuring information on where they plan to film this upcoming year. The organization will be meeting at the Milford Skating Rink at 7:30pm and four groups will take tours of the skating rink, Sunnybrae Mansion, Milford Museum and the investigation laboratory. Proceeds from this event will be given to each venue as locations choose which charities they would like the money to go.

Hosting the evening, Milford resident Rick Coherd will talk with individuals about the investigations that have already taken place at Parson Thorne Mansion, Sunnybrae Mansion and the Milford Skating Rink while he informs tour members about exactly what Delmarva Historical Haunts does. Working for Delaware Ghost Hunters for several years, Rick gained the laboratory experience necessary for the investigations but his love for history has been with him for decades. Having the opportunity to experience history in the making himself, Rick worked as a florist at the White House during the Administrations of Nixon, Ford and Carter. He experienced two paranormal episodes during his tenure, one in the Lincoln bedroom and another in the East Room. Both occurrences he experienced an image of a woman wearing a black shawl in the room with him.

Out of those experiences and love of history Rick developed Delmarva Historical Haunts to focus on not only the investigation of paranormal activity but to help local organizations like the Milford Historical Society raise funds for rehabilitation and preservation of historical sites. Rick Coherd and his crew of investigators from Delmarva Historical Haunts are not just paranormal specialist but historians at heart. Focusing on the history of a house or property, the team begins each investigation through research of the location and the people who lived there.

“We are different than a lot of other investigation groups, we do not only focus on the creepy side of things. We deal with the history of the location, legends and myths,” commented Coherd. “We do not go in with something to prove or debunk, I ask my crew to just document and we analyze the tapes to look for any paranormal activity.”

Rick states that he and his team have experienced paranormal activity at multiple levels at several locations throughout Delaware. During an investigation at Fort Delaware last spring the team heard and recorded voices inside the fort using a device called an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). An EVP amplifies sound in real time so that the investigators can listen while they explore a site. Using detection tools such as an EVP, Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Meter and Infrared (IR) cameras, the Delmarva Historical Haunts is always using new technology.

During the Milford event on October 4, tour members will have the opportunity to learn more about paranormal detection technology as they tour the Delmarva Historical Haunts laboratory. They will also visit Sunnybrae Mansion and the Milford Skating Rick, which have both been investigated by Coherd’s team. The evidence found at these sites to suggest paranormal activity will be released to the public that evening as attendees can watch the past investigations on monitors and tour the rooms that were viewed by the historical haunts team. The Milford Museum will also be a stop for the groups to see the venue that will be under investigation next year.

“Life is complicated and sometimes for some people death is too,” commented Coherd. “Is the whole person there ? I don’t think so. Is there some residue ? I think so.” Individuals interested in joining the tour can register by calling 302-422-2740 or 302-67-2741.