Parade To Invade Milford Wednesday Oct 15


The chairs are already starting to line Walnut Street in anticipation for the Milford Community Parade, a tradition that has been a part of Milford for 75 years. Marching through Walnut Street, encompassing 1.7 miles stretching from South to North, the parade moves through beautiful and scenic downtown Milford. This year’s festivities, which include parade entries from local businesses and non-profit organizations, statewide political figures and regional marching bands is set for this Wednesday, October 15.

‘“The parade serves as a vehicle to foster family values, community spirit, and a positive way to express messages of togetherness,” said Charles Gray, current Parade Chairperson of the Milford Parade Committee. “Families have a tradition of converging into Milford for a special family gathering full of fond memories.”




The Milford Community Parade was originally themed as a Halloween parade as it began 75 years ago under Ed Evans, who was Milford’s Mayor during World War II.  In recent history the Gray family has facilitated the event for the past 25 years. With the help of community members, family and friends, James Gray set out to make the parade a unique experience for those attending. Under the direction of Milford Community Parades, Inc., the parade began as a fall holiday celebration and has since evolved into a fall seasonal parade with changing themes. According to Charles Gray, current Parade Chairperson, attendance has reached 30,000 in previous years with the multiple marching bands as the parade’s signature attraction.

“My favorite thing about the parade is sharing the City of Milford with families from all over the peninsula to experience or home town, river town, art town,” said Gray.”

Die-hard parade fans start marking spaces in the early portion of the week of the parade, setting up seats on the sidewalk lining Walnut Street. “It has become the early Thanksgiving get-together with family from afar and friends close by,” stated Gray. “The parade route, to walk is a half hour stride, is usually one hour or more in length.  Fire trucks and emergency vehicles with flashing lights are also a favorite of the parade.”

Three reviewing stands will be positioned at City Hall, Church of God, and Gooden’s Floral Shop, all located along the route on Walnut Street. Vendors from local non-profits will be on hand at select sites selling food and beverages but no vendors will be permitted to sell along the route as to obstruct the view of the spectators and all vendors must be registered with the parade committee and city.

On Wednesday, October 15, rain or shine, parade entries will begin to line-up on Seabury Avenue in Milford from 5 to 6pm. The Milford Community Parade will start at 6:30 pm at the corner of Walnut Street and Seabury Avenue with the parade arriving downtown around 7pm. Individuals wanting more information on the event are encouraged to call Jim or Marie Jo Gray at 302-422-6949.


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