Mispillion Takes Fuel Up To Play Challenge


Mispillion Elementary School has made the commitment to encourage students to make healthy choices and remain active through the Fuel Up to Play 60 program. As a result of the efforts of their team, Mispillion Elementary has been awarded the Fuel Up to Play 60 Touchdown Award for the second consecutive year and holds the title of the only Touchdown School in the state of Delaware.

In an attempt to bring home the award three years in a row, students kicked off their Fuel Up to Play 60 Walking for Wellness Play with a one-mile parade on Wednesday, October 15. At the end of the walk each student received a token and necklace to track their walking. The goal is for every student and staff member to walk 100 miles by the end of the school year. Students were joined by Terry the Terrapin and Milford High School cheerleaders.

“Fuel Up to 60 has provided us with a common theme for fitness and nutrition,” commented Mispillion Elementary Principal Susan Donahue. “Students are developing a better understanding of the importance of eating healthy and exercise which we hope will remain part of their lives long after they leave Mispillion.”

Fuel Up 60 Challenge

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Leading the effort at Mispillion are student ambassadors Natalie Armstrong, Jack Morris, Christian Keesler-Evans, Tagen Paquette, Chanya Wise, Madeline McGlothan, Layna Reynolds, Karma Smith, Tyler Ashton, Ariana Hinmon, Anya Philips, Kallie Dangerfield, Carley Mackert, Lila Schmidt, Alex Lovett, Samantha Cornell, Ericson Garcia Lopez, and Megan Johnson. Student Ambassadors and faculty advisors will continue to work throughout the year to complete the steps needed to earn the Fuel Up to Play 60 Touchdown Award.

“Fuel Up also gives our students a sense of teamwork.  Our ambassadors and leaders work hard to spread the word about making healthy choices and they look forward to Fuel Up Fridays when they can wear their t-shirt,” said Ms. Donahue. “The 100 mile challenge gives students a goal and while we have opportunities for them to walk at school, we have also provided suggestions and walking logs to encourage families to join their students in taking up walking which is a great exercise.”