City To Welcome New City Manager


Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 7.50.40 AMBy Terry Rogers

In January 2015, the City of Milford will welcome a new city manager when Richard Carmean, who has served in the position since 2011, will retire for the second time. His replacement will be Hans Medlarz who is retiring as the Director of Public Works for Kent County. According to Mr. Carmean, when he heard that Mr. Medlarz was planning to retire, he suggested that the City talk to him about applying for this job.

“I worked with Hans when he was with Davis Bowen & Friedel as an engineer and when I heard he was retiring, I knew we should talk to him about possibly coming on board with the City,” Mr. Carmean said. “There is not really any particular reason I decided to retire again other than it requires some degree of long-term planning and I just can’t see myself planning things that I don’t intend to be here to see through completion. I won’t say just how far, but I am well past social security age and there are some things I want to do.”

Mr. Carmean retired as City Manager in 2008 after serving in the position since 1997. Prior to his career as City Manager, he was the Chief of Police for Milford. In 2011, he returned to the city to work part-time as an Economic Development Director. When the City Manager at the time, David Baird, left the position in December 2011, the council voted to name Mr. Carmean to the position. Mr. Carmean said that there were things he wanted to accomplish and because he already had extensive knowledge of the city, council felt he could return to complete those projects.

Mr. Medlarz has been in public service for more than 30 years and has experience working with municipalities. In addition, he says he has extensive financial, public works and infrastructure experience. Mr. Medlarz, a native of Karlsruhe, Germany who earned his United States citizenship in the early 1990s, says that he knew he had big shoes to fill stepping into Mr. Carmean’s position.

“I am well aware that the City Manager serves at the pleasure of council, so my most important role is to do what council wants me to do,” Mr. Medlarz said. “I think my biggest challenges will be steering the solid course that Mr. Carmean, the Mayor and Council have already begun.” Mr. Medlarz said that when he served Milford as the city engineer, four of the council members who served then are still on council which he feels is a testament to the good leadership in Milford as constituents continue to vote them back into office.

When asked what his biggest accomplishments were while serving this term as City Manager, Mr. Carmean said that he did not necessarily look at them as his accomplishments but more of a team effort.

“I was glad to see the solar field built from scratch and to see the new substation completed,” Mr. Carmean said. “It looks like I will get to see the Southeast Front Street projected completed and I am glad the south water tower has been moved to bid. I am especially happy to have been part of the purchase of the PNC Bank Building that will serve as our billing office as I think this is going to be an excellent asset to the downtown area and the people we serve.”

Mr. Carmean says that he thinks the biggest challenge Mr. Medlarz will face is knowing when to go home. He said that it is sometimes difficult to remember that being City Manager does not require 60-plus hour work weeks

“He is an engineer so he brings a base of knowledge different than mine,” Mr. Carmean said. “I don’t think he will have any problem filling my shoes. He is from Milford and he has raised his children here. Employees know him and the council knows him, so I think he will blend in well.”

Mr. Carmean says he will be available in an advisory capacity even after he leaves the office when Mr. Medlarz takes over at the beginning of 2015.