Halpern Eye Care Celebrates 68 Years


In 2014 Halpern Eye Care expanded in Milford, opening their doors on Airport Rd adjacent to Walmart. A family-owned business for three generations, Drs Joel and Ryan Halpern are now driving the future of their business that was started by Dr. Harold Halpern on Front Street in downtown Milford in 1946. Expanding the business since then to include 10 offices across the state of Delaware and 19 full time Optometrists, Halpern Eye Care is a premier eye care provider with a focus on offering world-class health care to Delaware.

“We built a new office in Milford because we feel that Milford has embraced and supported us over the years and we wanted to deliver them a first class facility ,” commented Ryan Halpern, O.D. “Many times eye care is an entry point for individuals into the health care system, especially males that do not see a primary care physician on a regular basis.”

Halpern Eye Care offers compete vision care services including comprehensive eye examinations, diabetic and glaucoma examinations, contract evaluations, pediatric exams, dry eye evaluation and laser vision correction. Dr. Ryan Halpern states that the importance of educating the public on eye health is critical as optometry on ophthalmology are playing a larger role in the public and private health sector.

“The eye is the only organ that when you look inside you can look directly at vascular and neurological tissue,” stated Ryan Halpern, O.D. “We can evaluate the overall health of an individual and identify possible warning signs for many other health problems. Through the eye, we can detect early signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma and muscular dystrophy and steer our patients towards preventive measures at an early age.”


The newly constructed site offers a full-service facility offering optometry, opthalmology and opticianry services. Patients have access to professionals specializing in primary eye care and health, surgical needs and practitioners that design, fit and dispense lenses. Expanding on traditional eye care, Halpern Eye Care focuses on the latest technology to ensure that their patients are offered the best practices in the eye care field. Unlike traditional dilation tests, physicians at Halpern Eye Care use the Optimap retinal exams and the Diopsys screening device to take a comprehensive look at the health of each individual.

“On a traditional chart, a doctor can never fully document every thing they see but the Optimap allows us to view 90% of the retina, while documenting exactly what the inside of the eye looks like,” stated Joel Halpern, O.D. “This information can then be used as a part of Telemedicine, as we can email documents to primary care physicians or specialists.”

Halpern Eye Care offers a variety of eye care services for families including eye examination, contact lens fitting, treatment for eye infections or specialized vision testing. They also offers a variety of lens designs, materials and coatings with a large variety of optical frames including Michael Kors, Coach, Vera Bradley, Polo and Ralph Lauren and Harley Davidson and extensive lines of sunglasses featuring Costas, Ray Ban, Oakley and Coach. The Milford offices are open on Airport Rd. on Mondays 8am -5pm, Tuesdays 9am-7pm, Wednesdays 9am-5pm, Thursdays 9am-7pm, Fridays 7am-5pm and Saturdays 8am-2pm. For more information on Halpern Eye Care services, individuals are encouraged to contact the office at 302-422-2020. To learn even more about their full services and eyewear, individuals can visit http://www.halperneye.com or visit them on Facebook.