Former Buccaneer To Chase NFL Dream






By Kevin Eickman

Although the odds are long, that is not preventing former Buccaneer football player Brandon Legrand from chasing the dream of playing on Sundays in the NFL. Anyone that watched Legrand play his high school football at Milford, knew that his talent was special. The question becomes, is that talent good enough to make it to the NFL. Well, Legrand is about to find out. He is currently in training, preparing himself for the NFL regional combine early this spring in Baltimore. The regional combine is setup to allow players who did not have long or distinguished college careers, one last chance at being noticed by an NFL team. While the odds are long, they are not impossible. When NFL training camps opened this past summer there were 130 players on NFL rosters who traveled the path of the regional combines.

Talking with Legrand about what he has been doing to get ready for the combine, he indicated it has been working tirelessly to prepare. “I pretty much have been working every day without a break,” Legrand said. “It has been really paying off for me too, I am stronger and faster than I have ever been in my life.” The latter sentence is something to take notice of because if Legrand has one thing, it is his size and strength that is NFL measurable. Currently Legrand is a 6”1” and weighs in at a solid 225 pounds. Couple that with 40 speed that is in the 4.5 second range and you have a body that can turn some heads.

Following his time at Milford, Legrand tried playing at Wesley College in Dover, DE. While he liked it, he felt that at the time he lacked the maturity to play at that point in his life. “I had some issues when I was younger and wasn’t quite ready to balance school, football and life,” commented Legrand. “While I wish it would have gone differently, I am at the place in my life where I can continue my football career.”


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Mentoring Legrand during the process has been Dr. David Carter, current Milford High School principal and Legrand’s coach during his time at Milford. “Dr. Carter has really been there for me, my entire life,” said Legrand. “It’s not just about football either, he has helped me to become a better person as well.”

Speaking with Dr. Carter about Legrand, Carter believes that Legrand has the talent to make it. “As a former player and coach, there is no doubt that Brandon has the skills to realized his dream,” Carter stated. “I have played with and against players that were able to make it to the NFL. I honestly believe that Brandon has what it takes.”

While nobody can tell what the future will hold, Legrand has an outstanding past. Legrand finished with 3,777 rushing yards in his three seasons as a Buccaneer. While there were a lot of yards, it was being part of the magical 2008 Championship team that is his favorite memory of all. “Those two playoff games, first against Friends, then against Laurel for the Championship were amazing,” Legrand stated.