Country Music Festival To Hit Woodlands


3This year The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway in Dover, DE will host two music festivals including the new nationally recognized Firefly Festival that began in 2012. Following Firefly’s forth year this June, the creators of the event will introduce the Big Barrel Country Music Festival from June 26 through 28. The new country festival will provide a similar experience to FireFly while featuring headliners Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood. Additional artists include Jake Owen, Chris Young, Gary Allan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard and over 40 more.

In addition to three days of country music’s top performers, attendees will be introduced to a wide variety of attractions within the festival and campgrounds. Highlights include a large-scale Dance Hall, BBQ area, Saloon, marketplace with a variety of western goods and products, as well as a family-friendly area.

“Firefly, combined with its home at The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway, has established the East Coast’s standard when it comes to delivering a top-notch music festival, ” says Greg Bostrom, Director of Firefly and Big Barrel. “We’ll leverage the Firefly foundation and our collective backgrounds bringing preeminent music festivals to life to establish Big Barrel as the benchmark for country music experiences this side of the Mississippi River.”

Local music lover Anita Kiger is planning to attend the new festival following her experience last year at the third annual Firefly Music Festival. Anita attended FireFly with her daughter Leah, son-in-law Adam and her son who was visiting from Oakland, CA, Kenneth Pennington.

“I only attended one day but fell in love with the atmosphere and overall energy of all the people coming together, peacefully enjoying each other with the common bond of music,” said Kiger. “I’m waiting to find out the line up [for FireFly] before I commit to any days this year, but if there are performers that I’m drawn to, I’m there.”

Learning about the headliners of the new Big Barrel Music Festival last month, Anita purchased 3-day passes for her family on the day tickets went on sale. She is especially excited to take her husband James to see his first ever concert and music festival. A West Virginia Mountaineer since birth, James fell in love with Carrie Underwood’s rendition of Country Roads years ago and remains a big fan of her music.

“I am not a country music fan but being with James for his very first real concert and music festival is beyond priceless,” said Anita. “I cannot wait.” Residents of Magnolia, DE, the Kiger family will also be renting bedrooms out of their home for the FireFly and Big Barrel Music Festivals .

Anita states that there are a few things festival goers need to keep in mind during the experience. “wear comfortable shoes, there is lots and lots of walking,” said Kiger. “Bring patience with you, you will wait, be bumped into and walk and walk and walk.  It is part of the process and experience.  Take pictures and bond with strangers, we are all part of the human family.”

Passes on sale for Big Barrel Country Music Festival are available online at Camping options include Corral Club, which includes a private air-conditioned tent, RV packages and tent camping.
“Big Barrel Country Music Festival is a chance to kick back with friends and family for a rowdy summer weekend,” stated officials at Big Barrel Music Festival in a recent press release. “Drop the tailgate, pop open a cold one and enjoy three days of America’s favorite country artists.”