New Year’s Resolutions & Photo Gallery


As we say goodbye to 2014 we all set new goals and challenges for ourselves in the year ahead. Milford LIVE’s New year’s Resolution is to grow alongside our community and help Milford grow in a positive direction. We will do all that is necessary to cover the news and information of 2015 and make sure that the hard work of individuals do not go unnoticed. Milford LIVE is here as the community’s news source and looks forward to making sure that we help create an informed citizenry. Here are some New Year’s Resolutions from our Milford Family:


4Michael Duker “My Resolution would be to continually surround myself with the best of people doing the greatest of things for themselves for their familes and for the community.”

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Jason Walls “To continue to build my business and allow others to see the same oppurtunity that I did. God bless everyone in 2015. Milford is the best city in America.”


3Jd Bennett “Continue to improve and move up at my work. Increase the bank account and continue to enjoy life even more.”



Fawna Rene’ “More patience, love and understanding towards others.”


3Robert Neary “I was going to stop procrastinating but then I decided to wait ’til next year!;o)”



4Bill Hopkins “Im not gonna commit to anything I can’t finish

New Year's Eve 2015

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