Two Milford Graduates Heading to Disney


Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 10.17.44 PMBy Terry Rogers

Two Milford High School graduates will be heading to Disney World to work as part of the Disney College Placement Program. Alex Huey and Kate Forehand, both 2013 graduates of Milford High will be heading to Orlando in the next three weeks. Alex will be leaving on February 8 while Kate will leave on January 12.

“I took a trip with my family to Disney World when I was in Kindergarten,” Alex said. “It has been 14 years since that trip to Disney and little did my parents know that it would really have a lasting effect on me. It was that trip that I first decided that I wanted to someday work for the company and though the specifics of that dream have changed a bit over the years, I’ve always known that I wanted to make a career working for the mouse.”

Kate says that she has always loved Disney and the magic it can bring to someone’s life, and having the opportunity to contribute to the magic was what drew her to apply for the program.

“The process of applying was very stressful, but worth it,” Kate said. “You first go through a web-based interview and then you find out immediately if you have passed that or not. If you did pass you schedule a phone interview and talk to an employee of Disney, who asks you questions about schooling, job experience and why you want to work for Disney.” She said she applied for the program in August and found out she was accepted on October 2.

Alex said that waiting to learn that he had been accepted was the hardest part of the process. He says that the Disney program is comprised of three components: living, learning and earning. Disney is very clear that this is not a semester-long vacation and that those who believe that are those that either leave the program early or have a difficult experience. Alex says that he is guaranteed to work 35 hours each week at a minimum.

“I already know that I will have a role in Quick Service Food and Beverage,” Alex said, which means he could work in restaurants throughout the park, or could be assigned to sell novelty items, such as Mickey Ice Cream Bars, at outdoor vending carts. Kate will be working as a Character Attendant during her semester at the park.

Kate says that she hopes to become a Character Performer at Disney eventually, while Alex says he would enjoys social media marketing and would like to find a role at Disney public relations. He is already a Social Media Ambassador for Disney through the University of Delaware, where he and Kate are both students.

Both students will put their college career on hold while working at Disney. Alex says that college courses are available for Cast Members, but the University of Delaware does not accept the credits for the classes. He does intend to take a class while there, despite the fact that the credits do not transfer because he believes it will help him in the future.

“My best advice is to be passionate about Disney and the program,” Kate said when asked what she would tell other students considering applying for the program. “It is also important to work hard. Disney will notice your hard work in school and jobs and other activities. But, most importantly be passionate. That is the best advice I can give, because, remember, it all started with a mouse.”

Alex says that students should never give up on their dreams even when they seem crazy to the people around you. He says that everyone who knows him is aware of his love of Disney and that the interviewer made the comment that it already sounded as if he worked there.

Kate and Alex both say their parents are very supportive of their decision to apply for the program. Alex says he has always made it clear that he wanted a career with Disney, so this is a natural procession for his career choices. Kate said it also helped that she held jobs where she worked with other people and that she has a passion for Disney.