MPD Accepting Applications For Seasonal Police


4The Milford Police Department is now accepting applications for the part-time position of Seasonal Police Officer. The Seasonal Police Officer Program runs from the end of April 2015 thru September 7th 2015 (Labor Day). Applicants must be 18yo thru 20yo, must not have any criminal convictions, must pass a drug screening and criminal background check. Seasonal Police Officers will have arrest powers, will be armed with Tasers, OC spray and other law enforcement equipment. They will be responsible for patrolling within the city limits on bicycle and on foot. They will also be responsible for assisting sworn police officers with various duties and may be assigned to work special events for the city. Applicants interested in a future career in law enforcement are encouraged to apply. Applications can be obtained in person at the Milford Police Department or by the Seasonal Police Officer link on the webpage, or thru the Milford Police Department MyPD app or facebook page. Applications must be returned via US mail, fax or hand delivered to the Milford Police Department. The closing date for accepting applications is March 15, 2015. Applicants with questions about the program can contact Lt. Kenneth Brown at 302-422-8081.