City Renames Billing Department, Funds Armory Operations

Photo of Milford's new Customer Service building on Walnut Street in downtown Milford. Photo Source:
Photo of Milford’s new Customer Service building on Walnut Street in downtown Milford. Photo Source:

By Terry Rogers

On Monday, January 11, Milford City Council voted to change the name of the city’s billing department as a way to better represent the duties of employees that work in the office. Council voted unanimously to change the name of the department to Customer Service, as it has a friendlier, more customer-oriented sound.

“I have been told by the engineers that the new office at PNC Bank will be ready by February 1, 2015,” City Manager Hans Medlarz said. “The majority of the renovations are completed. We are just waiting for new furniture and some minor details to be completed.” Mayor Shupe said that he would like to invite the public to view the new building soon after it is opened.

In addition to renaming the city’s billing department, Council voted to create a $20,000 fund to be used for operations and maintenance of the Milford Armory building, which the city purchased from the state in 2014.

“We have requests for use of the building while we determine what we plan to do with it,” said Mr. Medlarz. “This means we need to keep the lights on, the heat on and the doors open. In addition, if we are going to allow public access, we must have insurance.” Mr. Medlarz recommended that the city limit use requests until it is determined what the future of the building will be in order to keep operating and maintenance costs at a minimum. Council approved the request for funding unanimously.

In other business, council voted to approve a request to change the time of the Brewgrass Festival, scheduled for June in Bicentennial Park from 11 am until 6 pm at the request of several churches in the area. The event will now be held from 12 Noon until 6 pm. A request to waive an ordinance that all beverages be served in non-glass container was not approved for the event.

“Organizers were hoping to serve beer in commemorative beer mugs at the event,” explained Mayor Bryan Shupe. “The ordinance prevents them from doing that.” City Solicitor David Rutt informed the council that the portion of the ordinance related to non-glass containers could not be waived and that they could not approve the request.

“They can sell or give away the mugs at the festival,” Mr. Rutt explained. “But we can’t waive the ordinance that allows them to serve drinks in glass containers. Not only is that a non-waivable ordinance, allowing it could set a precedent that council does not want.”

Council tabled discussion of floodplain adjustments, changes to the building code and the franchise agreement with Comcast pending further review by Mr. Rutt. In addition, a taxation amendment will be discussed at the next Council workshop on Monday, January 26 at City Hall at 7pm.