Goat Island Nature Preserve


On September 6, 2014 state and local officials dedicated the final phase of the Mispillion Greenway with the opening of Goat Island.  Visitors are able to experience four separate ecosystems along the trail that will consist of an at grade path with raised overlook areas including benches and information panels. In addition, raised composite decking on helical anchors with observation areas traverse the wetland sensitive areas.

A manmade island, Goat Island was created by local shipbuilders in the 1940’s as they needed to straighten out the path of the Mispillion River to make way for the wooden subchasers that were built in Milford shipyards. These subchasers were used in the larger war effort during World War II as many of them saw service around the world including Pearl Harbor, Normandy and Japan. The target area of the Goat Island project consists of an nine acre island located within the city limits containing four adjoining habitat environments: high woodland, tidal flooded woodland, tidal freshwater wetland marsh and open water. Goat Island Nature Park now anchors the eastern most phase of the Mispillion Greenway as the final phase of the Riverwalk project, resulting in a two mile pedestrian and bicycle path.







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