Emergency Dept Fellowship Celebrates 7 Graduates

LtoR: Adriana White, RN; Deena Weeks, RN; Yesenia Rosado, RN; Katina Stamat RN, BSN; Allison Larusso, RN; Brittany Martin, RN; and Chris Betz, RN
LtoR: Adriana White, RN; Deena Weeks, RN; Yesenia Rosado, RN; Katina Stamat RN, BSN; Allison Larusso, RN; Brittany Martin, RN; and Chris Betz, RN

Staff Report

Seven Bayhealth nurses earned their stripes, after battling to complete the 4th Bayhealth Emergency Department (ED) Fellowship. Bayhealth nurses who have a passion and interest in critical and emergency care can apply for a 20-week education program developed by clinical nurse specialists and preceptors at Bayhealth Medical Center. The course, offered at Kent General and Milford Memorial hospitals, combines online emergency nursing modules, scenario-based (didactic) learning, and hands on training on site in the emergency department.

Katina Stamat, BSN (Kent), and Allison Larusso, RN (Milford), two of Bayhealth’s newest fellowship graduates, came to the program with similar goals: to be challenged, to learn, and to grow. Both nurses had different prior job experience but shared the same passion for emergency medicine and trauma services.

“I knew the fellowship would be exciting, fast-paced, and ever-evolving,” said Stamat. “There was never a dull moment. We were like sponges trying to absorb every detail.” Preceptors, who teach and mentor the fellowship students, are the most experienced nurses in the ED. “They pushed us to use critical thinking to plan our care,” recalled Stamat. “It was like everything that didn’t make sense from nursing school finally clicked.”

Larusso gave great credit to the preceptors. “I had been a nurse for three years but had never worked in a hospital,” she said. “My preceptor, Suzanne Hurd, BSN, RN, LNC, CEN, acknowledged that I was stepping into an area of nursing that was foreign to me. She was patient when it took a little longer for me to learn a skill and when I asked questions over and over. She pushed me to do better and assured me that it would all come together one day.”

Both nurses knew from the beginning that the fellowship was a great learning opportunity. The preceptors involved the fellowship nurses in unusual cases and encouraged them to shadow staff members with jobs related to the functions of the ED. Stamat said, “The experience gave us a greater appreciation and understanding of all of the facets of emergency care.” While Larusso added, “Now that I am working independently and feel confident and competent in my everyday practice, I am so grateful for the fellowship.”

The seven fellows who completed the program:

ED Fellows at Kent General –
Katina Stamat, BSN; Chris Betz, RN; Yesenia Rosado, RN; Deena Weeks, RN; and Adriana White, RN.

ED Fellows at Milford Memorial –
Allison Larusso, RN, and Brittany Martin, RN.

Susan Ebaugh, MSN, APN, ACNS-BC, CEN; Dennise Washington, MSN, APRN, ACNS-BC, CEN; and ED Fellowship Chair and preceptor Pete Zingone, ADN, RN, worked with the fellowship students throughout their learning experience. “If you have the passion for emergency medicine, we want that,” said Zingone. “We can train you do the rest.”