CrossFit Vicarious Expand To New Location


6By Terry Rogers

When Todd and Melissa Pryor opened CrossFit Vicarious in the Milford Industrial Park less than one year ago, they hoped that the business would expand and grow. They did not realize that within a year, they would be moving to a larger location as they had outgrown the original.

On Saturday, January 31, the couple moved CrossFit Vicarious to 1008 Mattlind Way, still in the industrial park, but into a larger building that will accommodate their growing membership. They said that they believe the fact that CrossFit allows members to work at their own level but in a group setting is the key to their success.

“We don’t have mirrors, televisions or pretty carpet,” Todd explained. “Our workout area is known as ‘the box’ because it is a big, open warehouse-type space that looks like a big box. There are no workout machines or anything like what you would normally see in a gym.”

Todd explained that CrossFit is a semi-personal training program that is performed in a group environment. The program uses many different types of fitness to improve the health of those who join. Participants engage in running, weight lifting, gymnastic-type exercises in order to build agility.

“I had been going to a local gym for years, but I was bored,” Todd explained. “I found a box locally and fell in love with the program. I became certified and realized that there was a gap between Rehoboth and Dover. We decided to start a box here in Milford and have grown tremendously ever since.”

Todd and Melissa say that the program enhances self-esteem as well as helping people live a healthier lifestyle. The program challenges each person to compete against themselves rather than others. Todd explained that there is a prescribed workout, but each individual can adjust it to meet their needs as far as repetitions, weight and other variables so that the workout is more personal.

“We give instruction on how to scale it back,” Todd explained. “We work in a group but everyone is at their own pace. Our workouts are in rounds so each person could be doing different intervals or different reps. We work in a group, but on an individual basis.”

Melissa has said that at one time she disliked going to a gym as she felt intimidated, but now, after participating in CrossFit, she is more confident.

“The program is very different than other programs,” she said. “It is designed to make you fit, not super strong. We focus on a balance of endurance and strength.” The couple says that they are very pleased that others in Milford are finding the program beneficial and they anticipate further growth in the near future.

CrossFit Vicarious workouts are held Monday through Friday at 5:45 AM, 4:15 PM and 5:30 PM. Workouts are scheduled on Saturday at 8, 9 and 10 AM. To learn more about CrossFit Vicarious, contact them by phone at 302-542-5607 or by email at