Mipillion Fitness Strives to Be Different


By Terry Rogers

Mispillion Fitness, located in the Riverwalk Shopping Center, recently celebrated their Grand Opening. The gym, which is co-owned by Kevin Reading and Laura Burton, who also own Abbott’s Grill located in the same shopping center, wants to be different than other gyms.

“We are trying to be different,” said Steve Shane, manager of the fitness center. “We want to be more interactive with the community and make working out a fun, friendly thing to do. We offer a clean, family-oriented gym with no intimidation.”

Mispillion Fitness is open 24 hours, something other gyms in the area do not offer. Mr. Shane says that being open 24 hours allows people who work unusual schedules or who have difficulty fitting in a workout get to the gym whenever it is convenient. Mr. Shane also said that the gym strives to be very family friendly.

“We are not a huge gym so we can’t offer actual childcare,” Mr. Shane said. “But we have a classroom in the back so we try to have programs for children in there while their parents workout. There is also a table in the front of the room. Kids sit there and do homework while their mom or dad walks the treadmill.”

In addition to the typical gym machines and weight training equipment, Mispillion Fitness offers 33 classes each week including yoga, Zumba, Hip Hop Abs and more. There are also special classes designed for those with balance issues or who require lower impact workouts. Personal training is also available at the gym.

“We are trying to gauge whether there may be interest in small group training in order to make it a little more affordable,” Mr. Shane said. “Instead of one person paying for the trainer, the cost would be split between three or four people. They would still get the one-on-one attention, but the group would also be able to support each other and work together to reach their fitness goals. It is a great opportunity for someone to get a personal trainer at a lower cost.”

Mr. Shane is a personal trainer himself having been certified three or four years ago. He said he really started taking on clients in the past year and enjoys working at Mispillion Fitness. He says that Ms. Burton and Mr. Reading are focused on making Mispillion Fitness a different kind of workout location, keeping an open mind about unique programs that not only provide fitness but are also fun for the participants.

“We want to be interactive with the community,” Mr. Shane said. “We hope to have fun events like cornhole or ping pong tournaments. We are planning game nights for kids to keep them active while parents workout. We believe that fitness is a lifelong process and we don’t just want to stick kids in a room with a video while parents workout. We want them to be active as well, so we are trying to develop programs where kids can be active as well.”

Mr. Reading has said that he hopes to add a counter in the gym where they will offer light, healthy food from Abbott’s Grill as well. Mr. Shane says that he thinks the community is finding what they need at the gym considering the growth in membership.

“We’ve only been open two months and we already have 252 members,” Mr. Shane said. “We expect that number to continue to grow.”