State’s Request Delays MSD Referendum


Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 9.57.23 AMPhyllis Kohel, MSD Superintendent

Back in January when the first appraisal was completed on the Simpson Crossing property, the Milford School District was geared up and ready to proceed on a referendum campaign slated for March 31. However, late in February, the Delaware Department of Transportation, a subgroup of the PLUS (Preliminary Land Use Service) Committee requested that we have a second appraisal done on the property. Having to meet all of the requirements of the PLUS Committee, we had no choice but to have the second appraisal completed. Last week, that appraisal was completed. Now, we are being told that the new appraisal must be, once again, reviewed and approved by each individual group within the PLUS Committee before we will receive the word that we can push forward with a voting date for the referendum. Although this is just a “wrinkle” in our plan; it will force us to push the referendum date back from March to May 5. The good news is that we were included in the Governor’s budget for major capitol construction projects, so we know that the funding is available. The disappointing news is that we will be delayed in voting for the referendum until May.