Bayhealth Selects Team For Health Campus

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On Monday, February 23, Bayhealth Medcial Center announced that the organization has selected CannonDesign as their lead architectural and engineering partner for the new health campus project projected to open in 2018 in Milford. Bayhealth also announced that a firm has been chosen for the purpose of re-imagining the Clarke Avenue facility, the site that currently houses the Milford Memorial Hospital, with details promised once contract negotiations are completed.

Bayhealth President and CEO Terry Murphy is pleased with the progress his team has made since the health campus project was first announced less than three months ago. “Selecting these partners now is crucial so we can bring them in as early as possible and incorporate the impressive amount of input we have received since the announcement,” stated Murphy.  “In addition to our focus on the new health campus project, a top priority is to ensure the Clarke Avenue facility remains a community asset, so we’re pleased to have made progress on both fronts.”

According to Bayhealth officials, the CannonDesign team will bring a strategic array of integrated services to the 165 acre health campus endeavor—covering planning, design, cost estimating and a wide range of engineering applications. For Murphy and the rest of the health campus project team, the selection of CannonDesign meant finding a firm with a proven understanding of health care.

“They needed to understand that Bayhealth was looking for more than just blueprints—we were looking for a design that builds a better patient experience,” explained Murphy. “What impressed us most about CannonDesign was how they first work to understand the clinical process before beginning design. This true understanding of the clinical workflow improves efficiency and eliminates waste. The benefit is a better experience for our patients, their families, medical staff and employees.”

The $250 million health campus, which will be located along Route 1 at the corner of Wilkins Road and Cedar Creek Road, will include a hospital, outpatient center and physicians’ offices. Bayhealth hopes to break ground in mid- to late 2015 and hopes to have the new facility operational in 2018. The health campus will include a state-of-the-art inpatient hospital and emergency department.

“What makes it more than a hospital is the addition of vast outpatient services such as primary care and specialist physicians as well as diagnostic services—all conveniently wrapped in one easily accessible location,” stated Bayhealth officials in a press release on Monday, February 23.

As Bayhealth continues their efforts toward the new health campus project, the organization states that the are committed to engaging state and local leaders to find the best reuse of the existing Clarke Avenue facility. Murphy said that the adaptive reuse firm will play a key role in this portion of the project, “bringing detailed expertise and experience to re-imagining the current Milford Memorial Hospital location and giving the community a viable asset in downtown Milford.”

“We have been thrilled to see such active interest from our patients, doctors and friends across the community,” said Murphy. “People are excited and they are making their voices heard. We’re eager to bring everyone into this process and we’re looking forward to achieving new milestones as we drive forward to open the doors of the new health campus in 2018.”