MPD Apology & Correction On Previous News Release


On February 27, 2015, Milford Police’s first ‘Milford Shoplifter’s’ press release included the arrest of Amber Vaughn and her mother Delores Shahan, which was a mistake. According to police, Mrs. Vaughn and Mrs. Shahan were improperly identified as suspects after the Milford Police obtained video from the Milford Walmart of two females shoplifting in the store and the tag number from the vehicle they used to leave in. Mrs. Vaughn has cooperated in identifying the correct suspects in the case.

Police state that as soon as the public information officer was made aware of the error, ‘Milford’s Shoplifters’ post was removed from the website and social media. All charges on Mrs. Vaughn and Mrs. Shahan have been dismissed and the arrest will be expunged from the record. Officials from the Milford Police Department issued this statement.

“To ensure that a mistake like this will not happen again, the Milford Police is developing a new procedure for investigations, leading to arrest, of late reported shoplifting cases.The Milford Police Department sincerely apologizes to Mrs. Vaughn and Mrs. Shahan for the mistake.”