Council Receives Funding from Kent County

Milford Chief of Police Keith Hudson accepts check from Kent County Levy Court Commissioner Eric Buckson.
Milford Chief of Police Keith Hudson accepts check from Kent County Levy Court Commissioner Eric Buckson.

By Terry Rogers

On Monday, March 23, 2015, Kent County Levy Court Commissioner, Eric Buckson, presented a check for $20,713 to Milford Police Chief, Keith Hudson. The check is a grant from Kent County Levy Court for use by the police department.

“I am very pleased to be here to today to support Milford as you guys are doing great things here,” Commissioner Buckson said. “I recently delivered a $40,000 check to the library in Milord and we provide grant and aid to your fire department as well. We are currently developing plans for a paramedic unit for the southeastern portion of Kent County which would serve from Bowers into Milford.”

Mayor Bryan Shupe thanked Commissioner Buckson for his continued support for the city and explained that the funds provided would be used to purchase upgraded bullet proof vests for the Milford Police Department.

City Manager, Hans Medlarz, reported to council members that Representative Harvey Kenton had provided a grant to the city to be used for solid waste. Mr. Medlarz said that the grant would be used to offset the costs of the upcoming Spring Cleanup Week.

“I have spoken to all legislators about the Community Transportation Fund and Municipal Street Aid Fund,” Mr. Medlarz said. “Last week, I spoke to Representative Peterman who asked that we support an upgrade to a private entrance off a state-owned road. My understanding was that council was focused on Airport Road upgrades, so I politely declined offering that assistance. Representative Peterman said that he would not support the upgrades to Airport Road in that case.”

In other financial news, Councilman Garrett Grier, who is the chairman of the Economic Development Committee, advised council that the committee had approved a request from the Milford Aquarium organization. Initially, the group came to the Economic Development Committee requesting $46,000 for an extensive business plan to be used to apply for large grant and foundation money that would be used toward the construction of the aquarium.

“Bill Pilecki explained that the business plan would be written by an organization that specializes in writing business plans for aquariums,” Councilman Grier explained. “After discussion, the committee offered to provide $23,000 toward the plan if the aquarium group could raise the other $23,000 in two years.”

Councilman Dirk Gleysteen asked Mr. Pilecki what the return on the investment of $23,000 was expected to be and Mr. Pilecki explained that they did not have that information at the present time. He said that the business plan would be used to move them to the next level of fund raising which was to obtain large grants toward the construction of the aquarium. Council approved the request unanimously.