Mows Begin New Venture


spa ad-3By Terry Rogers

Many people in Milford know Dr. Ed Mow and his wife, Sabrina, from the medical practice they operated in Milford for many years on Lakeview Avenue. Today, however, the Mow’s are hoping to be recognized for a new venture they have begun in Milford, the Ageless Rejuvenation Spa, located at 1001 Mattlind Way in the Milford Industrial Park off of Airport Road. The spa is a full-service day spa, offering manicures, pedicures, waxing and skin treatments. They plan to add spray tanning, makeup and massage services in the very near future.

“I had been in medical practice for many years,” Dr. Mow explained. “When the government began implementing regulations under the Affordable Care Act, it became difficult for me to get full reimbursement from my Medicare patients. The government was requiring us to implement expensive technology in order to process insurance payments. Since I was very close to retirement, I didn’t see it to be cost effective to purchase $50,000 to $60,000 worth of technology as I would never recoup the cost of that investment. Mrs. Mow, an esthetician who has had a passion for skin care since she was a teen, convinced her husband that they should move into the skin care profession.

The result of that decision is the day spa, a beautiful, spacious location with light, airy rooms where specialists perform nail care, skin care, massage and other services. Dr. Mow said that they wanted to create a location where clients would feel pampered. Mrs. Mow said that she was currently working on her own skin care line as well.

The spa offers services above what other nail salons offer as Dr. Mow’s medical background provides added expertise in the area of infection control. Mrs. Mow laughed that she often had to remind him that the spa was not the OR, but that he insisted on almost operating room sanitation of everything in the spa.

“All of our nail instruments are medically sterilized,” said Dr. Mow. “I have treated many patients who have obtained fungal infections after manicures and pedicures. That is why we have disposable liners for all our basins so that no two patients use the same liner.” Mrs. Mow explained that nail infections can be painful and take a long time to heal.

The Mow’s are also in discussion with the Bayhealth Oncology Center, hoping to offer free treatments to patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. Because the spa uses organic products, they are safe for those whose immune system is compromised.

“When someone is going through chemotherapy and radiation, they are often depressed,” Mrs. Mow said. “Many of them deal with skin issues and hair loss, which can be devastating. We want to provide them with the pampering and attention they deserve.” Mrs. Mow said that they were also planning to offer makeup lessons and services as well.

The spa is available for large groups, such as wedding parties. Mr. Mow said that they designed the space so that there would be ample space for large groups. He also said that they would accommodate hours for clients who must come in the evening or early morning. Because Dr. Mow has a strong medical background in treating patients with diabetes, many of whom are not able to get manicures or pedicures, he says they may be able to offer them a less risky form of nail service using his medical experience. Mrs. Mow said that they also offer special services for patients with arthritis.

Ageless Rejuvenation Spa takes walk-ins or clients may make an appointment by calling 302-424-1760.