Morris Selected As State Ambassador


Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 8.48.26 AMMispillion Elementary student, Jack Kenneth Morris has been selected as a 2015-2016 Fuel Up to Play 60 State Ambassador. As a result of the efforts of his team, Mispillion Elementary has been awarded the Fuel Up to Play 60 Touchdown Award for the second consecutive year and holds the title of the only Touchdown School in the state of Delaware. In an attempt to bring home the award three years in a row, students have kicked off their Fuel Up to Play 60 Walking for Wellness Play, asking all students to reach 100 miles.

“This is an extremely exciting opportunity for Jack, and we are very proud of his accomplishment,” said Fuel Up To 60 Advisor Joann Joseph. “ We are thrilled they will be representing our school, district and state.”
Targeting childhood obesity in the United States, the National Dairy Council (NDC) and NFL partnered in 2007 to combat the epidemic focusing on education supporting nutrition and physical activity. The programs uses professional athletes to empower youth to “take action to improve nutrition and physical activity at their school and for their own health.”

Jack, fifth grader at Mispillion Elementary, has been a leader of the Fuel Up To 60 program for four years and he believes that the program has helped him to become more active. “I used to be the person that just sat in my chair in front of my computer screen and play video games all day,” said Jack. “Once I got involved with this it helped me to spend more time being active.” He says that it has taught him teamwork as he and his fellow ambassadors worked together to structure the program and help facilitate it through the school.

Walking over 70 miles already this year, Jack is encouraging his fellow students but also community leaders to get involved. “I have done so much for the program over the years but I want to do more,” said Jack. He has convinced State Representative Harvey Kenton and Milford Mayor Bryan Shupe to become a part of the program. Jack has also sent letters to Delaware Governor Markell and U.S. President Barrack Obama asking for their support.

As a State Ambassador, Jack will be traveling to the Fuel Up To Play 60 Summit in Chicago, IL from July 22 to 25. He will be trained in leadership, communication and program elements at the 2015 Student Ambassador Summit and go on to represent and drive the program in Milford and throughout the state of Delaware. Mr. Dan Chiavaroli, Program Advisor and teacher from Mispillion Elementary School, will also be attending the Summit. Mr. Chiavaroli will be traveling with Jack as a chaperone and support for the Fuel Up To Play 60 team. He will also be learning more about the program and networking with other advisors.

Mispillion Elementary School Principal Susan Donahue has seen a growing partnership led by students that has encouraged teachers, staff and parents to place an importance on making healthy decisions. “Fuel Up To Play 60 has helped students and staff at Mispillion discover that being healthy is inspiring and fun,” said Donahue. “We have partnered together with the common goal of creating a healthy school environment.”