Wiegman Paints Westside Restaurant Mural

The Wiegman family standing in front of April's mural in Westside restaurant.
The Wiegman family standing in front of April’s mural in Westside restaurant.

Westside Restaurant, located at 101 Maple Avenue in Milford, unveiled a mural in their main dining room on Wednesday, May 6 that illustrates their pride and commitment to the city in which their business has succeeded over the past 18 years. Owner Madula Kalesis chose Milford High School graduate (’03) April Wiegman to create the portrait of a buccaneer standing under the word Milford. Ms.Kalesis chose the illustration to thank her customers and the community for their support of the restaurant over two decades.

“We are proud to be part of the Milford community and thankful to all of our customers that have been so supportive,” said Kalesis. “April was a natural choice, she has become part of the family over the years.”

Moving to Milford at the age of 16, April came to Milford at a time in her life that she was uncertain about where her future was leading. She states that Milford and its people helped her find her way and gave her a place to call home. “It was a time of change and blossoming and Milford made me feel capable and able to be myself. The people of Milford were so kind,” she said.

April’s first job when she moved to Milford was working as a hostess and waitress at Westside Restaurant. She believes that the interaction she had with customers and her coworkers helped her to feel more comfortable while learning much about her new town. Ms. Kalesis was a large part of that positive experience as Madula had a lasting effect on the next several years of April’s life. Hearing the Kalesis family and staff speak Greek in the kitchen, April took up an interest in learning about different languages and cultures. As a student at University of Delaware and later as she lived in Greece, April studied foreign languages including Spanish, Italian and Greek. Returning home after a year living in Greece, she shared her new skills with Madula upon her return to Milford.

“April was a perfect choice for Westside, a perfect choice for Milford and a perfect choice for our family. I have seen her work and knew that she would put in the hard work into this mural,” said Kalesis.

Currently living outside of Washington DC, April worked on the mural at night when the restaurant was closed. Working on the weekends from 10pm to 5am was a challenge for Ms. Wiegman but she says that her appreciation for Westside Restaurant, Madula and Milford inspired her to travel hours to paint in the middle of the night.

“I wanted to do something memorable, to be able to give back,” said April. “It is a genuine act of giving back to Milford, Westside and Madula. They gave me a lot of autonomy and allowed me to find myself.”

Westside Restaurant is celebrating 18 years in business, serving the Milford community breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. The Kalesis family has enjoyed much success since opening his doors on 101 Maple Avenue in 1997. Over the past two decades Westside Restaurant has seen several changes to the building and menu but the family’s ability to give the customers what they want has never changed. Westside Restaurant hours are Monday through Saturday 6am to9pm and Sunday 6am to 3pm. For more information on Westside Restaurant or to see their daily specials, individuals are encouraged to visit their Facebook page or call 302-424-4888.