Fur~Baby Adds Overnight Pet Hotel


5Fur~Baby Boutique, Daycare and Spa has announced that they are now offering overnight care for dogs and cats to their pet services. Expanding to a larger facility at 204 NE Front Street in downtown Milford, the new location opened in January of 2015 as owner Sherry Shupe increased the size and scope of the business. The new overnight hotel offers three types of housing for pets seven days a week and provides daycare for 12 hours from 7am to 7pm Monday through Saturday. The current locations also offers a specialty pet boutique, doggie daycare and spa grooming services.

Volunteering for a local rescue in her spare time, Sherry originally created the boutique on Walnut Street as a store that would provide much needed funding for animal rescue and adoption. The store would be staffed by volunteers and provide education and adoption services through the storefront. Shupe leased the building, bought inventory and was ready to settle on the plan when the rescue pulled out of the agreement. Left with a house full of inventory and a new storefront, Shupe decided to leave her job in the Pharmaceutical Industry and become a retail business owner.

“I had to take a leap of faith, a very uneasy step into the unknown world of retail where my only experience was as a consumer,” said Shupe. “I just had to follow my heart and interest and trust that with hard work and the support of my family and community I would be alright. I had no idea it would take off as quickly as it has, 3 moves in 4 years, or in so many new directions with the addition of Grooming, Daycare and Hotel services.”

The Overnight Hotel offers a safe, fun and familiar environment with social, healthy friends and knowledgeable staff members that they already know and love. Fur~Baby provides a full 12 hour day of activities with other dogs, followed by a much needed peaceful night of sleep. Shupes states that the decision to expand into overnight care was due to the demand she received from current customers and members of the Milford community.

“We received calls daily asking about overnight services and took our time to do our research, and make sure that this service reflected the quality of all of our services that our customers have become accustomed to ,” said Shupe. “By providing pets with a familiar atmosphere and routine we are able to greatly reduce common stresses associated with boarding your dog in a tradition kennel facility.”

Fur~Baby Doggie Daycare offers an open indoor dog park where dogs are placed in “play groups” based on their size and temperament. Fur~Baby Doggie Daycare has one large park area that can be divided into four areas for different play groups while Park Rangers supervise and interact with each dog. In addition to playing with trained rangers, dogs also enjoy daily nap time, filtered water, agility equipment and walks along the Mispillion River. When pet owners come in at the end of the day they are greeted by a Park Ranger that hands each parent a report card which details activities for their specific Fur~Baby including potty times, snacks, fur~iends made, activities enjoyed, and who their Park Rangers were for that day.

“Doggie Daycare benefits Fur~Babies in several ways,” commented Mrs, Shupe. “Instead of sitting at home alone bored and waiting for you, they are here with us, playing, socializing, and having a great time with other dogs. The owners don’t have to worry about their Fur Baby, we give them peace of mind.” According to Ms. Shupe, doggy daycare will help eliminate boredom behaviors caused by lack of activity, inadequate mental and physical stimulation. “Whether they need us every day or just a few days a year, we are ready to care for their Fur~Baby, we always say, a tired dog is a happy and well behaved dog.”

The new Fur~Baby Day Spa is an upscale grooming salon for dogs that focuses on the needs of each individual Fur~Baby by providing a day of pampering, relaxation and master styling. The facility offers state of the art equipment, professional top of the line products and luxurious services including Deluxe Pawdicures, Therapeutic Mud Baths and Blue Berry Facials.

“In this location we decided to give our Spa it’s own life so to say. We’ve created a Spa within our store but gave it it’s own area complete with a check in desk and waiting room. We built a private bathing area, drying room, and large grooming room. We researched the best products and equipment found in only the top grooming salons and decided to invest in them because our customers deserve it,” Shupe commented.

For more information about Fur~Baby Boutique, Daycare, Spa and Hotel, individuals are encouraged to contact the business at their new location, next to Arena’s in downtown Milford, at 302-725-5078 or visit http://www.fur-babyboutique.com/.