Mother Starts Campaign For Fire Victims


harperThis past Mother’s Day on May 10, 2015 a fire in Milford took the life of one mother while displacing a young family. Reporting to Reynolds Road at 10:30 am, firefighters arrived on the scene found flames shooting from the one-story home. The result ended in the death of one individual, four others were flown to Bayhealth-Milford Memorial Hospital, where they were treated and released, and a fifth person was flown to Bayhealth-Kent General Hospital, and later transferred to the Crozer Medical Center in Upland, PA to treat severe burns. Denise Harper, the mother of Cody Harper, the father living at the residence, has now set up a Go Fund Me campaign to help the young family get back on their feet.

Cody Harper, 20 y/o, and Jaclyn Craig, 18 y/o, lived on Reynolds road with their 13 month-old daughter and Jaclyn’s grandparents. Jaclyn and Cody, along with their 13 month-old little girl woke up to smoke in their bedroom. Cody took action as he broke the window and used it as an escape route for his family as the three escaped with minor injuries. Sadly, Jaclyn’s grandmother died in the fire and her grandfather was severely burned trying to get to his wife. The grandfather still remains in critical condition at Crozer Medical Center being treated for his burns.

“At the close of the day being able to wrap my arms around them and hold them tight knowing this day could’ve ended even more tragically I am so  thankful God saved them,” commented mother of Cody, Denise Harper.

The couple and their 13 month-old baby girl are now living with Denise as they find a way to move forward through this tragedy. To help provide assistance, Denise started a GoFundMe campaign, an internet site that allows individuals and families to form a fundraising page for assistance or towards a cause. “We immediately had people reaching out to us giving donations in the form of money and items and we are so grateful for their generosity,” said Denise. “The GoFundMe campaign seemed like the most secure way that people could help the family.”

With extensive fire damage and no insurance, the family will not return to their former residence in the foreseeable future. As a young family that had started to get their feet under them, this challenge will prove to make that journey more difficult. “It is always tough getting started and I was happy to see them working hard to get on their feet, but it was all gone in a instance,” said Denise.

The emotions for the family have been overwhelming but the family has stated that their feeling of immense grief has also been met with the power of generosity from the community. “When you think about losing everything it is difficult to think at all but we have also been overwhelmed by the blessing by all of those that have donated money and things like furniture, dishes and baby clothes.

The GoFundMe campaign has raised $1,400 of the family’s goal of $5,000 in just over one week as the family is starting to get their life back to a sense of normalcy. “If you would like to help with getting them back on their feet your donations would touch them deeply and be such a help to them,” said Denise. “God bless you for your generosity.” Individuals can donate to the family or ask what other assistance may be needed by visiting the Cody Harper Family House Fire GoFundMe campaign at