Lions Award 21 Organizations Grants


By Dick Andrews

The Milford Lions Club held the 9th annual Eunice Reed Fund Awards Dinner at Carlisle Fire Hall, on May 14, 2015. A total of 27 applications were received and after careful evaluation, 21 non-profit organizations were selected and presented a total of $67,400.

The Reed Fund was established in 2006 by the Milford Lions Club, to complete the wishes of Eunice S. Reed, to give back to the Milford community. Ms. Reed left most of her estate to the Milford Lions Club to continue it’s civic and welfare work in the Milford Community. The Club plans to use the Eunice S. Reed Fund, to help other community organizations in need of support. The Milford Lions Club expected to be able to continue this level of support well into the future.






A list of the 2015 grants presented: $1,300 to Banneker Elementary School for Life Skills Program; $5,000 to Milford Police Department for Body Armor; $3,000 to Carlisle Fire Dept. Ladies Auxiliary; $5,000 to Milford Community Center (Hearts Unlimited) Play Equipment; $4,200 to Church of the Nazarene for Food for the Poor; $2,000 to KSI for Bus Lift; $$2,500 to DE Breast Cancer Coalition for Breast Cancer Presentations;$2,500 to Milford Pop Warner for Trailer & Building Repairs; $2,500 to Milford School District Headstart for Positive Support-Rewarding Students; $2,500 to Milford Parks & Recreation for Scholarships; $1,200 to 100 Men Reading for Reading Materials; $2,500 to Harrington 4-H Club for Service Projects; $1,200 to Milford Community Pantry for Back Pack Program; $4,200 to St. John Church Food Pantry for Food Basics; $3,000 to Milford Little League for New Field; $10,000 to Milford Senior Center for Roof Repair; $5,000 to Mispillion Art League for Scholarships; $1,300 to Morris Early Childhood Center for Materials; $4,000 to People’s Place for Veterans Outreach Programs; $1,500 to Project Healing Waters for Veterans Fly Fishing; $3,000 to Second Street Players for Audio Belt Pack System & Microphones.

The Milford Lions Club is very happy and proud to be able to provide support to the above organizations. They stand for a large cross section of community needs. The Milford Lions Club’s primary goal is to improve the quality of life in our community, and we believed the above grants will be a meaningful step toward that goal.