First State Dance Academy Offers Summer Classes


Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.28.44 PMBy Terry Rogers

First State Dance Academy will offer summer dance classes for 2015. According to Michele Xiques, Director of First State Dance Ac, the studio will offer six different classes designed for all ages.

“One of our classes is Creative Movement which is geared toward children aged 2½ to 3½,” Ms. Xiques said. “It basically teaches basic movements and patterns to small children. We ask them to pretend they are a frog, pretend they are a truck, just simple little things that get them started learning how to do certain movements. We will also offer Intro to Dance, Ballet and Tap to children who are 3½ and older, so the Creative Movement class gets them prepared for what we do in other dance classes.”

Creative Movement is offered Tuesday and Wednesdays from 4:30 until 5:15 PM and runs from July 7 to July 23. The Intro to Dance begins July 7 through July 23 and is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:15 PM. The cost for either class is $90 per student plus a $5 registration fee. After July 1, the registration fee is $15.

In addition to those classes, the dance studio will offer Beginner Ballet Fairy Tale Week from July 20 through 23 from 6:30 to 7:45 PM. The cost for the class is $50 plus a $5 registration fee. There are also Beginner and Intermediate Ballet classes available. They are a six week program that begins June 23 and runs through July 30 on Tuesday and Thursdays from 5:30 until 7 PM. The cost is $180 per session or $40 per week. There are no single class rates and there is a $10 registration fee.

Since children naturally are attracted to music, dance is a natural way to not only encourage their love of music, but to help them understand how movement communicates messages and represents actions. Dance classes can help students learn how to participate in group settings, develop social skills and express emotions. In addition, research indicates that children who participate in dance have refined listening skills as well as more creativity and imagination than children who are not exposed to dance or music. Dance can also improve balance, coordination and rhythm.

In addition to classes for children, First State Dance Academy is also offering Advanced Ballet to Stay in Shape on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30 to 7:45 PM staring June 22 and running until July 30. The cost is $50 per week for the six week sessions or those interested can pay $250 for the entire session. In addition, the academy will offer Zumba classes and Ballroom Dancing for adults, although the dates and costs for those classes have not been determined.

Anyone interested in the classes can visit the studio website at or call 302-422-2633. There is also a brochure with more information about the classes on the website as well as information about the instructors and the student accomplishments.