Event Supports Local Rescue GRR


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Staff Report

On Friday, July 17, Fur-Baby Boutique, Daycare & Spa will host a Paint Night in their downtown location to support and increase the education surrounding local animal rescue and adoption. Located at 204 NE Front Street in Milford, Fur-Baby Boutique invites animal owners and lovers to join them and their fur-babies as participants support the local organization Grass Roots Rescue. Started in 2011 as a business that aimed to support and educate the public about local rescue efforts, Fur-Baby Boutique owner Sherry Shupe is excited for painters to discover how they can be involved in helping local animals find their forever homes.

“We are thrilled to find another way to bring our local business community and local rescue organizations together,” said Shupe. “Through our animals adoption days, discount vaccination events and donation drives we strive to bring more education about the benefits of helping organizations that perform rescue and adoption services.”

As painters enjoy their favorite beverage and snack, 25% of their ticket will go directly to benefit the local animal rescue Grass Roots Rescue (GRR). Since GRR was founded in August 2013 by Karli Swope, a Milford School District Teacher, the organization has saved over 200 animals. Operated completely by volunteers, GRR has no employees and no compensation for the individuals that foster, transport animals to the vet and handle all fundraising and administrative activities. Private veterinarians and animal hospitals provide medical care for dogs and cats and spay and neuter services.

“A majority of the proceeds from this benefit will go towards spaying, neutering the 20 plus kittens we have taken in over the past month,” said Swope. “People don’t seem to understand how expensive it is to fully vet them. Benefits like the one we are having at Fur-Baby Boutique help bridge that gap and allow us to continue to take animals in that we otherwise would not be able to.” Swope states that if there are no issues with kittens, it costs the organization about $100 to vet males and $120 for females. The adoption fee for kittens is only $75.

Swope states that education to the public surrounding rescue animals is very important. The organization strives to help other rescue partners dispel the image that rescue animals are somehow inadequate or inferior. “I think the biggest thing to understand about rescue is the animals we serve aren’t damaged, or bad; and most times it’s not their fault that they ended up in need of rescue,” said Swope. “The fault lies on the humans that let them down. There’s still a stigma attached to rescue dogs, people are skeptical of them. If we could eliminate that and convince more people to adopt and not shop, the need for us wouldn’t be so great.”

Owner of three rescue animals herself, Shupe says that she enjoys the opportunity of giving these four-legged friends a second chance. All three of her dogs were found abandoned by previous owners but now help others as they have become spokes-animals for fostering, adopting and rescuing others that have been left behind. Her miniature pincher Alfie has become a local celebrity as Sherry uses his story to promote adoption and vaccination nights at the store. Her chocolate lab rescue Hannah has become the temperament trainer that each dog meets before they are introduced to the pack in the doggie daycare and her newest chocolate lab rescue Sadie is in training to assist the others in educating the public.

“Our four-legged kids are the entire reason we are in business, they drive everything that we do,” said Shupe. “We partner with our local rescue and shelters to offer free grooming and play days at our boutique and discounts for those that adopt.”

The event on Friday, July 17 will be held at Fur-Baby Boutique, Daycare & Spa at 204 NE Front Street in downtown Milford, next to Arena’s Deli & Bar, and will cost $40.00 per painter. Reservations can be made by sending in the fee through the Grass Roots Rescue website at www.grrde.org, hit the donate button and put “Paint Night” in the comments.