State Fair Opens its Gates


With a weekend full of entertainment and excitement the Fair opened its gates on Thursday, July 23 and will run through Saturday, August 1. The streets of the Harrington Raceway & Casino were filled with families this weekend hoping to enjoy music, food, carnival rides and the numerous sites the Delaware State Fair offered.

Eating at the Fair for the first time can be similar to eating on vacation in a foreign country. The food looks vaguely familiar but there is also something very different about it. Fried Oreos, pickles and Twinkies can be found throughout the fair as a staple that is served after the main course of turkey legs, corndogs and pizza. Size and proportion of every meal can be best described as “super-sized” and just about everything can be found on a stick including bananas, slices of cheesecake and fried dough balls.

Animals from horses, pigs, sheep, rams and cows spend the week at the fair trying to stay cool as their owners hope for the blue ribbon in their category. The organizers of the Delaware State Fair have made sure that the animals are housed under roof with plenty of access to food and water. Animals of all sizes and shapes will be shown throughout the week. Any type of produce that can be imagined is also judged including, peaches, pumpkins, seeds, sunflowers and crabapples.


Delaware State Fair 2015

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The Grandstand Concerts at the Fair are the big attraction and this year features big names like Bryan Adams, Meghan Trainor, and New Kids On The Block. Also for entertainment is a variety of performers from hypnotists to cooking demonstrations. The festival rides and games offer entertainment for all ages. While the small kids enjoy water slides and balloon rides the older kids test their bravery on free fall and anti-gravity rides. Between the entertainment and food, the 2015 Delaware State Fair is shaping up to be another fun year. If you have never been to the Delaware State Fait I suggest checking out what it is all about. There is something for everyone.