Back To School Reminders


5Going back to school can be difficult for not only students but parents as well. Whether it is questions about uniforms, transportation needs or getting involved with a child’s school, returning for a full year of school can be intimidating and having the correct information is critical to a successful year .

School Start Times

Ross, Banneker and Mispillion will now start at 7:35 am with buses and parents dropping students off between 7:20 and 7:25 am. Dismissal will be at 2:15 pm at those schools. Morris Early Childhood will start at 8:40 as dismissal will be 3:05pm. Pre-K A.M will be held from 8:40am to 11:10 am and Pre-K P.M. will be held from 12:35pm to 3:05pm. The Milford Central Academy will begin at 8:35 am with buses and parents dropping students off between 8:20 and 8:30 am. Dismissal will be 3:15 pm. Milford High School will begin at 7:38 am with buses and parents dropping students off between 7:18 and 7:28 am. Dismissal will be at 2:30 pm. There will no longer be any late starts in the district.

School Uniforms

The Milford School District uniform that was implemented in 2011 must be worn by students in order to enter the building on school days from beginning to end of each school day. According to the MSD Uniform Code, uniform bottoms can be tan or black khaki style pants which include “walking shorts, capris, skirts, jumpers or dresses that are to the knee or longer.” Students may not wear denim, chains, or spiked jewelry. Uniform tops can be maroon, navy, black, gold or white polo shirts. They must be collared, 2 to 4 buttons and a solid color, long or short sleeve. Students may not reveal any “undergarment, camisoles, for example, or undershirts.” Students may also not wear over garments such as “sweatshirts, hoodies, or jackets…over the polo.” but can wear sweaters with the same color options as polo shirts in either Cardigan style with button front, pullover/vest V neck or crew; the Polo Collar must show.


Bus Route information is mailed to each student’s address at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the school year.  School officials ask that parents please verify that the Milford School District has your correct current address on file so each student is able to receive this information. In order to change a student’s transportation, parents/guardians will need to verify the new address and allow 3 business days for the change(s) to take place.
For the protection of all MSD students, the child’s parent/legal guardian must appear in person at the Transportation Office and provide the following documentation for each change request: Completed Application for Student Transportation form – available below or at the Transportation Office; Proof of Residency (for address changes) – mortgage or lease, utility bill in guardian’s name; and Valid State-issued photo ID. Individuals can contact the transportation office at 302-424-6476 with any questions.

Cell Phone and Communication Devices

Milford School District discourages students from bringing cell phones and other communication devices to school. Students are prohibited from using cell phones and other electronic communication devices during the school day. All devices must be turned off and kept out of sight during the entire school day when it is absolutely necessary to bring the phone to school. Violators will receive disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. First offense will result in confiscation until the parent picks up phone at the end of the day and will sign a contract regarding the second offense consequences, including defiance. Second Offense will result in confiscation until end of semester.

Milford Parent Committee

The Milford School District formed a district parent committee in 2010 in order to provide school related information directly to parents/guardians.  Some of the topics of recent meetings included school dress code, advanced/honors courses, special education and standardized testing.  The meetings are public and all are welcome to attend. All meetings will be held at the Milford Central Academy Cafeteria on the Third Thursday Of The Month.

Parent Visitation

Parents are welcome to visit their child’s school at any time during regular school hours. In order to ensure your child’s safety, access to the school may be limited to the front door and parents must sign in at the front office.  Parents may be required to show proof of identification. School officials ask that parents please understand, this is not to inconvenience parents, rather to ensure the safety of the students. If a parent/guardian wishes to speak with a school administrator or teacher, it is recommended that an appointment be made prior to visiting the school.  This will ensure the staff member is available to speak with parents and reduce the wait time.

Parents or guardians with questions regarding the upcoming 2015-2016 school year are encouraged to contact their child’s school directly or the Milford School District office at 302-422-1600. Detailed information for each school site can be found at