Milford Planning Commission Holds Public Hearings on Bayhealth Annexations and Zone Changes


cityBy Terry Rogers

On Tuesday, September 15, 2015, Milford Planning Commission held public hearings regarding annexation and zoning changes for property now owned by Bayhealth. The annexations and zoning changes were to bring the property in line with the city’s Southeast Milford Comprehensive Plan and in preparation for the new Bayhealth campus that will be built on the site.

The new hospital campus will be constructed at the corner of Wilkins and Cedar Beach Roads between Milford and Lincoln. In order to accomplish this, several parcels of land had to be annexed into the city and their zoning changed so that they could be merged into one parcel. In addition, zoning on all parcels had to be changed to match what they would need to be when the new hospital is completed.

At the Milford City Council meeting on Monday, September 14, the annexation and zoning changes were introduced but not discussed as they were to be presented the following evening to the Planning Commission.

The only public comment came from Greg Moore of Becker Morgan who is handling the site planning for the property where the new hospital will be built.

“It is our hope that the applications be approved by the Planning Commission so that they can be presented at the public hearing at City Council on September 28,” Mr. Moore said.

The annexation requests were unanimously approved first. The Planning Commission then reviewed each parcel that needed to be rezoned. The first was land previously owned by Louis and Shirley Renzi which has been sold to Bayhealth. Chairman Archie Campbell questioned whether the Renzi’s were still living on the property. City Solicitor David Rutt, who said that he handled the sale of the property to Bayhealth, said that the Renzi’s would remain in the home for up to a year as they were building a new home.

The parcel was originally zoned C3 and the new zoning passed changed the zoning to Institutional Service District. Other parcels discussed were also originally zoned C3 while two of the parcels were zoned R3. All were proposed to become IS should the Planning Commission vote to allow the changes.All parcels were approved unanimously by the Commission and will now be presented to City Council for a public hearing on September 28, 2015.

At City Council on Monday, September 15, 2015, two other annexation requests were approved. According to City Planner, Rob Pierce, maps that must be filed with Kent and Sussex County were compared with official maps in each county. Two parcels of land that had been annexed in 1979 and 1985 had never been adjusted on the county maps as being part of the city. Property at 709 North Shore Drive, owned by Kitty Chen, and at 706 East Lane, owned by Pervaiz Gill, had been annexed into the city according to City Council minutes discovered by Mr. Pierce. However, the county would not accept the minutes as documentation that the city had approved the annexation. For this reason, the two parcels had to be represented to City Council for approval.


Council voted unanimously to correct the annexation error so that the maps would match the official maps in Kent and Sussex Counties.