Milford Administrator Returns to Direct Elem Education


Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.41.19 PMBy Terry Rogers

After Dr. Sylvia Henderson resigned from her position as the Director of Elementary Education at Milford School District, the Board of Education searched for a replacement that would provide strong leadership, especially after the announcement that Dr. Phyllis Kohel, Superintendent of the district, planned to retire at the end of the school year. A familiar face was chosen for the position in Dr. Bridget Amory.

Dr. Amory was the assistant principal at Morris Early Childhood Center for several years before leaving to work in a neighboring district in order to grow in her field. She said that she had always intended to return to Milford as it was the community where her family made their home.

“During my tenure with Miford, I was fortunate enough to interact with a supportive school community and had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the finest in education,” Dr. Amory said. “I am excited to be reunited and am grateful for the opportunity to return to the district and share the skills and knowledge I have acquired.”

Dr. Amory holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Master of Education in School Leadership and Instruction as well as a Doctoral Degree in Leadership and Innovation. She has nearly 20 years of teaching and administrative experience that encompasses early education experience through upper elementary with over eight years of post-secondary teaching experience.

One of the biggest challenges Dr. Amory says she faces in her new position is the focus of the federal government on standardized testing and unfunded mandates that challenge the district’s operating budgets. Milford School District will be going out for referendum on October 6, 2015 in an effort to raise taxes to address a budget shortfall in operations. Dr. Amory says that she will continue to work as creatively and strategically as possible with key stakeholders to ensure her department is maximizing their budget dollars and instructional times with students.

Dr. Amory says that she is committed to ensuring that the youngest students in Milford bring a passion for learning to school each day and that they are provided with an engaging, meaningful education experience. She says that having the opportunity to connect with families at school and community events reinforces her commitment to providing the next generation of learners with the best opportunities possible.

“Whenever I see a student or staff member make a connection to their learning and experience the ‘aha’ moment, I am reminded of my passion for education,” Dr. Amory said. “One of my goals is to restore the Milford community’s support and expand their knowledge of our district initiatives. It is my intent to help our community understand the complexity of how we must navigate the world of education for the 21st century, including our interactions with the Delaware and United States Department of Education.”

Dr. Amory said that she sees the fact that she is living and raising children in Milford as a benefit as she is able to recognize the importance of providing the best education possible to children. Recent state and federal cuts have made it critical that the public support the district to maintain that level of education, which is why passing the upcoming referendum is extremely important to the continued success of Milford schools.

“Our budget is transparent for all to see and any community member who needs clarification on our district expenditures is encouraged to reach out to our district office for further information. Our Milford community is what we choose to make of it.” Dr. Amory also said that choosing the right person to be the new superintendent at the end of the school year is another important factor that the board faces.

Dr. Amory states that students of Milford School District are entitled to a Superintendent who is compassionate, educated and selflessly dedicated to students and the school community. “We need to continue to seek a leader with integrity, a passion for learning, and an innovative collaborative approach to problem solving,” Dr. Amory said.